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Soul insights to improve your life, discover why you are here, and most of all... to enjoy being you!


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Enjoy Being Who You Are

Let's face it: life can be hectic and overwhelming a lot of the time. Sadness, tragedy, and negative energy of all kinds can make you feel lost, hurt and confused. The truth is, you can't force change in the external world around you.

Yet, you can experience inner peace by becoming crystal-clear on who you are and why you are here. On your behalf, I receive knowledge, answers and guidance from Spiritual Beings to help you heal invisible wounds from the past and understand what your life is about.

Enlightened with this connection to your Spiritual Committee, you’ll shed limiting elements of your subconscious and create your own bubble of sunshine in your heart and life.

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Life Can Feel Like A Broken GPS

You were born to grow from A (your starting point) to B (fulfilling your purpose) in a lifetime. Sometimes it's an easy ride where you can just sit back and go with the flow, but then there are those times you’re lost on your route and it can feel unbearable as you struggle to find your way. 

With my link to your Spiritual Committee, you will know where you need to be next and the best way to get there. You'll have the luxury of a functioning GPS system, and you will know the roads to travel for the shortest route to your best life experience.


Ability To Reach New Heights

Like a hot air balloon, you may feel ready to launch into exciting new heights in life — but your metaphorical "basket" just feels too heavy, too slow, too low to the ground. 

You've tried to adjust your attempts in every way you can think of, and yet you keep missing the mark on the height you were aiming for. It felt like such an exciting idea at the time... but now you started to doubt yourself.

There are energies in your subconscious acting the same way sand bags do on a hot air balloon, holding you back from the heights you are capable of. 


Zero In On Your Goals

You have your eyes on the prize and you're aiming for your goals, like a curling player positioning their shot, but fear and anxiety rise as you worry you’ll be knocked off your target.

Just like a curling player, you don't have to go it alone! You have allies who are ready and willing to help you score by smoothing the pathway, guiding and protecting your shot. The Spiritual Committee I set you up with guides your path and are your allies in success.

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Ready to enjoy being you?

Life is supposed to be easy. Great things can and do happen for you when you live in a positive flow. You can be clear and free of past blocks, be clear about who you are (and the people around you), and grow from your struggles.

You deserve this! Stretch out to grab your desired goal and all the while... enjoy being you!

How to work with me:

I offer 1-1 Private Sessions, or the Life-Turnaround Program to manifest the life you want. The best way to begin is to try out an Introductory Session to experience firsthand what Spiritual Guidance can do for you. Book an introductory session.

I now offer weekly Live Group Sessions on my private Facebook Membership. Each week I do clearings for all participants on topics from money, to love, to energy and wellbeing. Learn more about membership.

What My Clients Have To Say:


Patti D.  •  Toronto, ON

Thank you for giving me back to me. I am reattached to the source, and what a wonderful feeling this is. WOW!

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Melissa T.  •  Singapore

Powerful transformation of clarity within self with my own personal spiritual healing coach (Judit) led me on the path of feeling empowered and connected to the source of my intuition.

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