Feeling Stuck? This "Hot Air Balloon Effect" Might Be Holding You Back

Have you ever come up with a fantastic idea or goal, started working toward achieving it and believing you’re going to fly high — and yet, somehow it still is just not happening for you? 

There’s always an obstacle that seems to come up, you can’t seem to find the right people/team to make it happen, or maybe you’ve even just blown off the idea/goal as being out of your reach.

You feel like things are not rolling, and you may start to think, “What’s wrong with me? Why is this happening for everyone else except me?” You may start to doubt yourself. “Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe I’m not worth it. Maybe I need to work even harder.”

Actually, that’s not true. In my Spiritual Advisor sessions with clients, we call this the “hot air balloon effect.”

“What is the hot air balloon effect in a Spiritual Advisor session?”

You are like a hot air balloon — you are ready to fly! But, there’s those darn sandbags holding you down. In my Spiritual Advisor sessions, I use Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) techniques to cut those metaphorical sandbags, which are subconscious memories that formed in a past life in response to a similar situation you may be experiencing in the present moment. This negative energy may have been attached to the situation by you or perhaps by someone else (friend, family, coworker) and it creates a heaviness in your subconscious. I make your life “lighter” by removing that negative energy with my SRT charts and techniques, and replacing with positive energy. 

“How does trauma from past lives affect us in the present?”

When those past lives’ memories happen, you might have made a contract with yourself: “If anything like this ever happens again, I’m never going to pursue my dream (or whatever it is that your mind associated with the negative event).”

These mental contracts or vows stand in your way in the present day because the circumstances are different. As your Spiritual Advisor, I use my Intuition, chart system, and SRT techniques to identify all those subconscious memories and their energies, clear them out and replace them with a much higher vibration of energy so your beautiful hot air balloon can fly high — and who knows how far? :)

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Judit Ronai