How A Spiritual Advisor Connects You To Your Spiritual Committee

As a Spiritual Advisor I have found that there’s a fascinating effect that happens for my clients in Canada and elsewhere which I like to compare to curling (the sport).

“Curling?! What’s that got to do with Spiritual Advising?”

You have a goal you want to achieve. You may have meetings, and get in touch with people who are going to work with you on your way to that goal. Often, there are many other people trying to achieve the same goal as you. Just like in curling — where you slide your stone down the path and have teammates sweeping to help your stone slide smoothly in the target area — a Spiritual Advisor helps clients arrive smoothly to their goal destinations in life. I help harmonize the consciousness of everyone involved in getting my client to their aimed goal.

“Why does a Spiritual Advisor help harmonize consciousness?”

In the past, we all have different kinds of memories. We might think our goals have always been aligned with what we want now, but actually our past lives’ memories can often provide entirely different (sometimes unwanted) input.

Think of when police are filing a report, and the same event is described differently by various witnesses who harbour differing assumptions or preconceptions. Everyone holds an energy, an expectation, an opinion about the same situation. With Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), I clear those energies and open up a higher vibration of harmony.

As your Spiritual Advisor, you can consider me your curling “sweeper” teammate — I clear all those energies that do not serve you, making the path for your “curling stone” to land into your target “goal” area as smooth and easy as possible. I do this so that, at the end of the day, you can simplify your life and most importantly… enjoy being you.

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Judit Ronai