How a Spiritual advisor Helps you navigate your spiritual GPS

Often, we understand who we are and what we’re supposed to do — but sometimes, we lose this sense of personal direction. Without a Spiritual Advisor or spiritual consultant lighting our path for us, we can get confused and discouraged, thinking, “Why did that thing happen to me? Why is this thing not happening for me? What should I do, where should I go? What’s my life’s purpose?”

All kinds of questions come up. I believe each of us is meant to be here, and that we have personal lessons that we must learn. Once we do, these lessons are then downloaded into our subconscious memory so everyone else we meet can also learn from it.

“Why can spiritual or self-growth feel so hard?”

In every life, we have an A (starting point) and B (destination). Sometimes we can complete the journey faster; sometimes, it takes longer as we wind and curve through detours on our way to our destination. If you make your energy clear and manage your spiritual self, you’re always able to find the answer to what your next best step is and what you should do next.

If you’re ever uncertain and confused, a Spiritual Advisor can be by your side to help direct you, using Spiritual Response Therapy techniques to make your journey a smooth and easy ride. You receive advice on what you can learn from the situation you’re in. Life will start to make sense, and you become wiser moving forward.

When you’re about to make a bold life choice (ex. changing jobs, beginning new relationships, moving to a different home, city or country), it gives you a new beginning. You can take this lifestyle change as a chance to be reborn, leaving behind everything that no longer serves you and discover new, better possibilities.

“How can a Spiritual Advisor help me on my life journey?”

With a Spiritual Advisor by your side, bold lifestyle changes become very safe, well-managed decisions. You’ll feel that you are not alone! The truth is that you are never alone because your Intuitive Self is always with you. By managing your energy and learning how to clear yourself from worry, fear and anxiety, you invite a higher vibration into your life. You will feel gratitude for your life becoming a smooth ride. Anytime that you need help, your Intuitive Self is there for you and knows the answer — you just need to learn how to tap into your Intuition, and a Spiritual Advisor can help you do that.

When you know how to use it, your Spiritual GPS allows you to have as smooth and joyful a ride from A to B as possible. You’ll collect many wonderful experiences and, at the end of the day… enjoy being you.

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Judit Ronai