5 Easy Ways to Eliminate Negative Energy from Your Life

Does negative energy really exist? Yes, in fact, there is negative (and positive) energy around us because whether you live in Canada, United States, Asia or elsewhere, we all live on this planet Earth in which duality exists. Duality is incredibly useful for us because it pushes us to grow, become a better Soul and at the end of the day to enjoy being ourselves.

Fortunately, there are ways you can become more aware of this negative energy and take practical measures to protect yourself so that this energy doesn’t impact your life and drag you down with it.

“How can I protect myself from negative energy?”

We are powerful beings — and to be very powerful about your choices, you need to first change your thoughts and the way you think. The first and most important thing is to catch yourself when you have a negative thought.

When you realize, “Oh, this is not the nicest thing I’m thinking at the moment,” replace that with a positive thought right away. When something negative happens to you, consider asking yourself: “What can I learn from this experience? How will going through this help me grow?”

Taking every experience as a lesson is truly the secret to happiness. Whatever happens to us is meant to happen in order to make us into a better person — a better Soul. This is a powerful mindset to start cultivating for yourself. By catching your negative thoughts in the act, one by one, you will start to become a more positive, happy person.

Watch out for this link between Negative Energy & Fear:

Negative energy exists, and can be used as a source of manipulation to make you feel fearful. How does this work? If you are fearful, you are stripped of your power — and therefore easy to manipulate. You will be told what you need to do, what you need to buy, and who you need to be in order to not feel this way.

Don’t believe the manipulation. If you feel happy from within, then you no longer need any of these external sources to feel that joy. The goal with changing your own thoughts is to begin cultivating that happiness from within — sooner or later it will become a habit, and happiness will become your regular state of mind. Try the following 5 tips to eliminate negative energy from your life and home.

  1. Reading or watching the news. Checking in once in a while to catch up with global events is fine, but don’t allow yourself to constantly be bombarded by the overwhelmingly negative news reported in the media. Set a time limit to how long you spend scrolling through your Twitter feed, reading the newspaper or watching the endless news cycle on TV.

  2. Declutter your house. Your house can enhance your energy on a daily basis — that is, if you give it a chance to do so! By clearing your home of material possessions that no longer serve you or bring you joy, you are enhancing the positive energy in your home. You spend so much time at home that your living space should only contain things which you enjoy looking at!

  3. Distance yourself from toxic people. Try to connect less with people who are constantly negative, worrying, and/or complaining. By changing your environment to feed (rather than detract) from your inner energy and by deciding, “YES! I want to be happy!” negative energy will no longer be able to affect you. It will bounce right off instead of getting under your skin, because you will be operating at a higher vibration than all the negative!

  4. Start a new activity or routine that excites you. This could be a new hobby, an online course, shaking up your morning routine, or volunteering for a cause you believe in. Doing something you look forward to opens you up to a healthy giving and receiving of positive energy.

  5. Connect with people who help you feel better. Perhaps you have a favourite YouTube channel that never fails to make you smile, or enjoy stand-up comedy on Netflix. Even better, you can join a community in person or online where smart, high-vibration individuals share their thoughts and support each other.

To invite and maintain positive energy, remember: whichever energy you feed into, positive or negative, that is exactly what you will get back. Though it’s true we can never entirely erase all traces of negative energy from our days, we always have the power to choose who we want to be and how we want to react. By implementing these practical tips, you can prevent unhealthy negative from seeping into your life, and a positive state of mind will come naturally and easily for you.

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Judit Ronai