Easy Beginner Tips for a Delicious Meditation Routine

As an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor for over a decade now, I’m always telling my clients, “You can’t afford not to meditate!” But the way meditation has been talked about lately is actually a little bit overrated. It’s become so mystified that many feel that it’s a difficult thing to incorporate into their lives.

Some of my clients have already tried to meditate and returned with feedback like, “I can’t sit still! I can’t concentrate, or I can’t do this or that…”

Hey! Give your mind and body some time to get used to the idea. Think about this: when you go to sleep every night, your mind is already craving that wonderful night’s sleep and of course, your body needs it too! So, you do your evening ritual — which automatically signals to your mind that it’s time for sleep. Or, visualize the moment when you prepare a fantastic meal and all your senses are engaged in the routine (eyes, nose, ears, taste…).

The same idea goes for meditation. If you create a specific physical space and personal routine for meditation (and experience the benefits firsthand) soon your senses will automatically become excited to do it every time. Trust me, you’re going to love it!

By the way, I encourage you to give your meditation routine a name. Maybe it’s “time for myself” or “recharging my batteries.” Whatever it is, start off on the right foot by telling your brain that, yes, this time is for ME, it’s important, and I love being able to do it.

Secret to Meditation Success? Engage Your Senses

First and foremost, I recommend that you create a designated spot in your home for your meditation practice. This could be a cozy, comfortable chair with pillows you like and an added throw or blanket. Place pretty things in the room that you enjoy looking at, such as a fresh bouquet of flowers or perhaps your favourite crystals. The idea here is to encourage your senses to celebrate the moment!

Once you’ve got your designated spot looking good visually, it’s time to throw a couple more senses into the mix. Personally, I adore using essential oils — when I want to calm myself, I use lavender; when I want to manifest something and remain open to channeling new information and ideas, I use jasmine to energize me and make me instantly feel amazing.

What about your lighting? When meditating, it’s probably best to keep the lights dim. Candles are always a great idea for this. You may even want to consider trying an eye mask to block bright lighting. Remember, there is no “right” way to do this — the important thing is that you choose a way that makes you feel good and gets you into a calm, neutral mindset!

Many people think meditation means to think of nothing at all for hours on end, but in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s an infinite number of ways to meditate, you just have to find one that resonates with you. Some meditation practices I use from time to time include those from Mindvalley, davidji, Ziva, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. Whatever you like, there’s a meditation out there perfect for you.

Set a Time Limit for Meditation, and Schedule It!

Next, set a specific time for your meditation routine. Consider this time as special and just for you, whether it’s 15, 20, 30 minutes, or even an hour (or more!). Whatever time slot you choose, this is the time to use a bit of self-discipline and tell yourself, “No matter how this goes, I’m staying put. Alright, body? You stay here!”

Compare this to the time when you were a child that you were told to go lie down for your afternoon nap. You weren’t always able to actually fall asleep… but nevertheless, you stayed in your bed for the entirety of that time frame.

If you find yourself struggling to sit still and calm for the entire time frame of your meditation… don’t worry about it. There’s no harm in switching to some calming music. Be gentle and patient with yourself, and over time you will find that you are able to more easily slip into deeper practice.

Practice Makes Progress, not Perfection

Meditation is like anything else — it takes practice, and you are unlikely to be great at it the first few times you try. Still, using these practical and easy tips I’ve outlined here, you can create a beautiful and delicious daily routine to calm yourself, practice self-discipline of the mind and body… and simply enjoy this personal time to yourself.

In all my years as a Spiritual Advisor, I have seen it happen for so many of my client sessions and online Facebook Community: when your positive energy grows, better energy will come your way. You will start to vibrate at a higher frequency and enjoy a healthier, happier mind.

I urge you to try to make meditation a regular practice, as it will counteract any agitated, stressful moments in your day to bring you back to a balanced state of mind. Put simply, meditation helps you create a better life and enjoy being you — and isn’t that what we all deserve?

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Judit Ronai