Intuitive Spiritual Guidance: What You Need To Know

As an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, I work with Spiritual Guidance through Intuition and use modalities like Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) and Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy to help improve the lives of my clients in Canada, the United States, and beyond.

The 3 Spiritual Techniques: SRT, SpR, and LBL

Spiritual Response Therapy is a spiritual modality working with Spiritual Guidance to reveal information from a chart system. With SRT, I identify past lives’ memories which are acting as blockages that make us feel stuck in our present life.

Spiritual Restructuring as a modality allows for restructuring the negative energy that is in your physical body. This negative energy can come from a past life in which you may have experienced sickness or accidents.

Life Between Lives is a different hypnotherapy modality which takes us back to our Spiritual self where we can find information and we can see ourself with our Spiritual Soul Family. We learn why we chose this physical body that we are living in. We can ask important questions to our Spiritual Counsellors like, “What is our Life Purpose? How am I doing so far?” and many more.

All 3 of these Spiritual Advisor techniques serve our best interest because we can collect valuable information about ourselves — and as you know, knowledge is power. When you are able to connect back to your Spiritual self, you will become a happier, healthier, more proactive life in this present incarnation.

How a Spiritual Advisor Session Works

I work with my Canadian clients, American clients, and more through phone and video calls (like Skype and WhatsApp). Whether in person or online, the result is the same because I work with Spiritual Guidance; they are the ones finding all the negative information in your subconscious memory and through the Akashic records.

Your Spiritual Guidance does the clearing, and I as your Spiritual Advisor am simply the facilitator who puts in the request for them to do the work! When they find negative information, they can clear it out and replace with positive energies.

Spiritual Advisor sessions are usually 1-2 hours. I always tell my clients to list all their questions for which they’re seeking answers or improvement in various areas of their lives. When we start a session for Spiritual Response Therapy or Spiritual Restructuring, I don’t ask for the questions upfront (I don’t want any bias to interfere with the work) — I leave it to your Spiritual Guidance to do the work and find the negative energies.

When we are done and you feel clear and free, I will ask “What else?” although we usually cover about 90% of the questions on my clients’ lists. You can ask questions about anything that’s bothering you at the moment, or you don’t know which way to go (with school, work, relationships).

As you can see, these 3 different techniques help you connect back to your healthy, positive, lighter-feeling Spiritual self so that you can enjoy a wonderful present incarnation. You can go through all of life’s challenges with ease, grace and joy. What else could one want? :)

So be clear, be free, and your open heart will open doors.

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Judit Ronai