How To Get An Energy Boost Using Spiritual Response Therapy

“Why am I not able to do what I plan to do? What’s wrong with me?!”

This is a question I get a lot from newer clients, whether they live in Canada, the United States, Europe or anywhere else. It’s a universal human frustration. But, I help by using Spiritual Response Therapy to give you Soul Insights — who you really are, why you are here, your Life Purpose. As your Spiritual Advisor, I help you find and stay in “flow” while inviting abundance in everything in your life.

At the same time, I clear subconscious memories from people’s past lives which have been creating negative patterns and energy blocks in their current life — all kinds of yucky things!

Benefit of Energy Boosts with Spiritual Response Therapy

In my Facebook Community, I’ve been doing weekly energy boosts which helps enhance members’ energy — and that’s what I want for YOU to experience too.

Everyday life is overwhelming. There’s so much stress and anxiety, and when we don’t have the right energy, we are unable to make the most optimal choices for ourselves and those around us.

Without a neutral state of mind, we function at a less than optimal mental state — and that’s not right! Spiritual Response Therapy affords us a neutral state of mind and allows us to be up in the positive “flow” to function much better. Everything in life becomes much lighter and easier to deal with.

This is what I want for you to experience — what a Spiritual Advisor can do for you, and how a weekly energy boost can enhance your energy to be in this delicious “flow”!

With the advice and inspiration that I teach you in these weekly sessions, you can use the whole week to manage your energy and be in alignment with yourself. At the end of the day, you can enjoy being you.

“So how do weekly Spiritual Advisor sessions work?”

The weekly sessions are on Sundays at 9 AM. There is a chat feature, so you can ask me your questions. Plus, I’m offering a special 1-1 energy clearing special which I’ve been running in my private Facebook Community for several months now.

Spirit will pick from a list of names (so please, put your name on this special list here!).

In this special clearing, we go deeper into your energy using Life Between Lives (LBL). What happened in your past life? We can see what energy happened, what situations happened that are causing you to feel and act the way you do today.

Then, we clear this negative energy and you can function much better with a clearer understanding of who you really are, why you are here, and become a better you!

Be open and show up! And I will see you at 9 AM on Sundays. I’m really looking forward to introducing you to all that a Spiritual Advisor and weekly energy boost can do for you. :)

Browse my Spiritual Advisor services now and consider booking a private session.

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Judit Ronai