What Is A Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Session Like With Judit Ronai?

As an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor I work with spiritual modalities, namely Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) and Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy. Though many of my clients live in Canada as that’s where I first began as a spiritual consultant, I am fortunate to be able to help clients from across the world with my gifts.

How I Can Help You

I help you identify discordant energy out of your subconscious that is holding you back in everyday life — to be happy, feel free, understanding who you are, functioning better in certain situations, and learning how to better handle everyday work and personal situations in times of conflict.

I help you understand your relationship(s), even the difficult parts of it. I do this by raising your energy which encourages better, healthier communication in your relationships. This includes relationships in your professional life — after Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) sessions with me, my clients find they function better in their workplace and have a stronger understanding of how they can move forward and make the best career choices for themselves.

I help you identify how to move forward when you feel stuck in any area of your life. When this negative energy has been cleared by myself as your Spiritual Advisor (led by Spiritual Guidance from above), we can then replace it with positive energy and even create a shift so that a transformative new beginning can come your way!

Who Benefits From Spiritual Response Therapy Sessions?

I truly believe anyone can experience improvement with Spiritual Response Therapy, and with clearing sessions. We would not reincarnate if we didn’t have any past issues to come back and deal with — but because we don’t have memories of our past lives, we’re not easily able to remove these energies that were the reasons we had to come back from our past life.

With Spiritual Response Therapy (a beautiful modality), we identify all those energies, create a better, faster, happier life with challenges that feel much easier to handle. This way, you feel completely on top of your game — because when you understand exactly what you need to do, it makes it SO much easier to deal with.

Healing sessions with a spiritual consultant will truly help improve your personal life, professional life, relationships of any kind, and the invaluable ability to truly connect with YOURSELF. You will understand why you are who you are, whether you are male, female, gay, overweight, tall… all these qualities have a significant reason in your life.

Come for a Spiritual Response Therapy session and you will see how much it can help you. When you are clear, you are free. Your open heart will open doors.

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Judit Ronai