How An Energy Clearing Helps You: Forgiveness, Anxiety & Perseverance

I’m excited to be able to share with you another comprehensive edition of the Free Live Spiritual Advisor Sessions I have been running on Facebook, in which I use Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) techniques to clear any negative energy sitting in the subconscious memories of participants from Canada, the United States, Hungary, Singapore, and more across the globe.

If you haven’t watched Session #1 in this series or read its accompanying blog post, you can do so here.

In this session, Spirit revealed to me a few negative energies within the live group that were ready to be cleared, as well as multiple positive energies that were ready to be downloaded in our continual effort to becoming our best selves.

Why You Must Strengthen Your Intuition To Access Higher Intelligence

My belief is that we all need help — our Spiritual Committee is eager to help us, but the common issue is that our energy isn’t always in alignment with what is meant for us and best for us. Actually, without even realizing it many of us are running below the neutral state of mind.

This is what I do every Sunday at 9 AM with my private Facebook Community: I help members raise their energy above and beyond a neutral state of mind, raise their vibration, support them in uncovering their better self, and make better life choices moving forward. Sometimes, I even joke around and like to call myself a “Soul Doctor!”

With these energy clearings, we can witness firsthand how much your energy changes! You can almost look at these live online sessions like a group meditation — every week, we seek for answers and solutions by using and strengthening our individual Intuition; at the same time I clear the collective subconscious of the group from negative energies. I use a pendulum (check it out in the video) as my connection to my Intuitive Self; whenever the pendulum moves, Spirits are conducting the clearing necessary.

Whether you believe it or not, our Intuitive thoughts and ideas come from a higher Spiritual Intelligence. By becoming more in tune and connected with our Soul and Spiritual Self, we become able to access this higher intelligence faster and more easily.

Energy Clearing #1: Lack of Perseverance

Note: The various energies mentioned in the following sections are pulled specifically from a FREE Live Spiritual Advisor Session I did on Facebook on Sunday, May 12th, 2019. However, the results and takeaway knowledge from these energy clearings will likely still be of great use to you as you navigate any challenges currently in your life.

As your Spiritual Advisor, I act as facilitator between you and your Spiritual Committee. But before we can become open for receiving positive energy, we must first clear any clutter that is sitting in our subconscious. You can think of this as cleaning your home of items that you know for sure you are never going to need or use. By clearing the clutter, you will be better able to connect with your Inner Self and what your Soul truly desires.

So, the first negative energy I identified using Spiritual Response Therapy techniques was a lack of, or hesitation to perseverance. The thing is, we never choose to not persevere, right? It’s more of a bad habit that we unconsciously fall into. We start off with the best of intentions (ex. “I should lose weight, I should go to the gym, etc…”) but if anything at all comes up, it becomes far too easy to abandon our goals.

If you’re struggling with perseverance, there are two possible underlying causes:

  1. The idea or goal is not really your own, and therefore does not really drive you toward your better, ideal future

  2. Something internal is holding you back from moving forward, and you are subconsciously punishing yourself: “If I become this ‘Better Me’, am I ready for the next challenge coming in the ‘Better Me’ life? Or do I want to stay in the Known, which sure, can be a little boring or unsatisfying… but at least it’s comfortable?”

In the live group session, I cleared the group’s blocks on perseverance, helped them strengthen their energy, and find a higher vibration in this area of their life.

Are you struggling with perseverance on a personal goal or idea of yours? You can make small adjustments to your negative thought patterns by repeating (and eventually believing!) the following positive thoughts that I shared with the live group:

“I am on track. This idea/goal I have is mine and serves me. I am making the choice to pursue whatever small achievable goal I put in front of me. If I fall or make mistakes, I choose to get back up. I adjust my energy, and I make better choices. I will step out of my comfort zone more and more in order to achieve my goals. I will move forward making better and better choices.”

“I’m doing this for me. I want to do better and be better. I want to choose happiness! I want me to grow. This is my decision. I’m going to get where I want to be by staying on track and keeping on with small adjustments — like a boat rudder, a small degree of directional change can make a world of difference in the end.”

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Take everything as a lesson, especially the mistakes and failures you will experience on your journey toward your goals. If you did something once, you can surely do it again! In fact, you can do it better this time around because you have been learning from your personal journey about your individual capabilities, where you might go wrong, and how to correct course.

Energy Clearing #2: I Can’t Forgive Myself

Beating up oneself never feels good, and yet so many of us are susceptible to this bad behaviour. Far too often, we scold ourselves with negative mantras like:

  1. “I’m so weak…”

  2. “Ugh, I have no willpower.”

  3. “Why can’t I just do this?!”

  4. "Why am I not successful like him/her?”

  5. “I just suck. I’m terrible. I’m a loser.”

Does this endless self-chatter really help? You already know the answer… no, it doesn’t. Actually, you are unintentionally putting negative programming into your brain. I say this with the most love and care in my heart for you, friend — please stop this harmful self-talk for your own mental health and well-being.

“But how can I stop, Judit? I’m so used to it at this point…” I understand. It’s one of life’s biggest challenges, isn’t it? This is another reason that my Facebook Community exists. These are exactly the type of personal development issues that I teach about in the community. Specifically, I use an SRT technique to raise our vibration and grip upwards in small steps toward your goals, instead of becoming overwhelmed by the whole “mountain.” 

Recent feedback from a Community Member speaks on this topic and how much she’s improved in a few months’ time:

“Many things are coming to me in abundance at this point in my life. My energy level is up and my attitude is off-the-chart better! I must be projecting some positive energy out into the universe because people that I don’t know are striking up conversations with me on a regular basis (and I love it!). I’m chatting with strangers all of the time and we both walk away feeling amazing afterward! Money always seems to be there even when I have extra expenses. I feel blessed and I am extremely GRATEFUL! It is hard for me to express how much of a positive effect and the amount of clarity that these weekly sessions have had on me. It has been a wonderful learning experience!”

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Even when we forgive someone else, that person might not even know we did it. The truth is, the act of forgiveness is not for the good of someone else, but for our own peace. It is the same when choosing to forgive ourselves for any past mistakes or failures. Train your brain to replace negative self-talk with constructive thoughts like:

  1. “How can I fail fast?”

  2. “How can I fail forward?”

  3. “What can I learn out of my mistakes?”

  4. “Tomorrow, I will come back to this even stronger!”

Positive Energy Download #1: I Allow Others To Be Themselves

You occupy a 3-dimensional, physical body… but this body is not you. Your Soul chose this body because it would serve you best in terms of learning experiences in this lifetime. All the lessons you learn in this lifetime will help you improve for your next incarnation.

Everything about you adds up (the country you were born in, the ethnicity you were born as, who you are, when you were born, your numerology and chosen dates, etc). All of these factors fuse together to create the Persona you have in this incarnation.

Think of it this way: have you ever wanted to do something or act one way… but somehow you found yourself doing/acting totally different? What the heck is going on there?!

When you die, this Persona that was created for this physical body in this incarnation stays here — but your Soul will continue on, becoming better and better with the life experiences it gains from each incarnation. Isn’t that an encouraging thought?

So, understand and accept the difference between your PERSONA and your SOUL. Accept that you and I and everyone else on this Earth will never be perfect, because we never brought perfection to the table. We don’t need to hide this fact either! We are learning always! When we know this, we can begin to graciously accept others as well.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Be more open, relaxed, and liberated. Consciously start to love yourself, so in turn you will be able to accept others as well. Remember that life isn’t about perfection — it’s about duality, and accepting both the good and bad as it comes.

Positive Energy Download #2: Lessen Anxiety

When we experience anxiety, it’s a bit of a warning signal that something in our lives needs attention that has not been receiving this attention for a while now. The feeling of anxiety is a lack of energy that is bubbling up to the surface, trying desperately to be consciously noticed by you.

How do you lessen anxiety when it appears? My Facebook Community incorporates breathing exercises often, as well as various exercises for practicing daily gratitude. 

Click here for 5 quick and easy techniques to lessen your anxiety through breathing and meditation techniques.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: When we work first on our trust, it can help to create a better life. We must raise our vibration in order to understand and overcome our anxiety by asking: “How can I utilize my breath to calm down and feel better? How can I practice gratitude in this moment in order to maintain a positive perspective?”

Positive Energy Download #3: Sense of Grounding

This energy download was a quick one during the live group session. Spirit just wants you to know and believe the following: “I accept this present life. This is my life, and I am meant to live it. I am grounded in it and am always making better choices. Anxiety, fear, or anything else cannot take away from my life.”

Positive Energy Download #4: Sense of Harmony

It’s important to clear everything that’s in the way of our harmony with ourself and with our life. When we accept this life, flaws and all, and decide what we want to do better in it… well now, that’s a dramatically better positive energy than the alternative, which is to constantly complain with thoughts like: “Ugh, everything sucks! Why should I even bother with any of it?” Some people constantly live out of harmony like this.

Create harmony with the heart of Spirit down to your own heart. Use your Intuition because it’s always with you. I find it helps to intentionally slow down your breath when attempting to connect with your Intuition, so I incorporated the 4444 Yogi Breath technique during the live group session at this point.

Watch this video where I guide you in learning the 4444 Yogi Breath technique.

Think: where in my life do I want more of something? This could be more self-love, more money, moving to a better home, wanting an education at a particular school, truly anything.

Start every day with gratitude for whatever you already have in that area of your life. Try to come up with 3-5 things in this area. If your example is desiring more money, then think up the ways that money has already been beneficial in your life: are you grateful that you can make your payments on time? Perhaps you’re building a rising credit score? Do you feel gratitude for the income you already do have which has been providing for your life so far? What about the fact that you are able to give a loved one a small gift as a symbol of your love for them?

The possibilities for this gratitude exercise are endless, but the important thing is that you are creating a receivership energy, and your vibration starts to rise. Expressing gratitude for what you already have is like sitting on a cushion of positive energy before reaching up to ask for something MORE.

If you were Spirit, which of these attitudes would you be more likely to respond to?

  1. Someone asking for you to give them something new while complaining constantly about everything they lack, and not noticing what you have already given them.

  2. Someone approaching you from a position of gratitude for what you have already given them, and they are now seeking more abundance to be grateful for.

These two attitudes are truly so different! Don’t you think so?

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Cushion your present desire with positive energy and gratitude before asking for more. Treat what you already have with love and care, in order to show Spirit that you are ready for more of that particular thing. Don’t be afraid to dream big either, because Spirit wants you to succeed and be your Best Self! With an open heart, ask: “Spirit, what is best for me?”

Positive Energy Download #5: Receptive to Love + Safety To Feel Open

This energy download was interesting, because it was a combination of two positive energies. Please note that “love” in this context does not necessarily mean romantic love; here, it simply means to fall in love with life. To feel safe, open and receptive to this love will help and serve you richly in this lifetime!

In the morning, your mind is clear and full of fresh ideas because your mind has just returned from Astral traveling when you were sleeping. Your Soul is not totally settled into your physical body just yet.

My aim as a Spiritual Advisor is to lovingly nurture my clients towards this strengthened level of Intuition more and more every day, every week, every month. I want for you to become more in tune with your Spiritual Self in order to become your BEST self in this lifetime. With your subconscious free from negative blocks and programming, I can guide you in developing your Intuition so that you become more and more open to receiving and downloading positive energy.

In the live group session, I performed an energy clearing using SRT so that participants would become more open for receiving, and creating receivership. I trust this Spiritual connection because it has completely changed my life, and it has drastically changed the lives of my clients as well.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Whatever you ask for from Spirit and the Universe truly will come to you. In fact, once you become highly in tune with your Intuition, this might happen so much to you that you might just get a sense of, “Whoa, be careful what you wish for!”

Special 1-1 Energy Clearing with Volunteer Sharon: Resentment

Disclaimer: My 1-1 energy clearings are much more expensive when given as private Spiritual Advisor sessions. I know what this transformative experience is worth for my clients who are happy and willing to pay for it, but in order to share this spiritual and intuitive experience with more individuals online, I love giving a 10-15 minute FREE taste in my live group SRT sessions. My volunteer this time, Sharon, was chosen by Spirit to learn about resentment energy in her subconscious, appreciate the life lesson it taught her, and let it go.

Spirit revealed to me that Sharon has a very old Soul, and lived a past life as an Angel. This is not the typically known being with wings, but rather a personality trait of being an absolute good person; positive and loving almost to the point of naivety, and not quite seeing when someone or something dangerous is near.

If you have an Angel Soul, it’s extremely difficult for you to see why others act in hurtful ways. Even though, it’s part of those individuals’ subconscious programming and, in some sense, not entirely their fault that they haven’t learned their life lessons yet…

In Sharon’s past life, she was extremely hurt and betrayed by someone she trusted. This was a woman in her family who married rich and was acting terribly because she felt more impressive than everyone else in her family. Sharon was accused of something terrible that the rich woman did, and Sharon was subsequently stoned and killed in the rich woman’s place.

This deep hurt has been constant in Sharon’s life and she subconsciously carried the burden around with her everywhere she goes. This can come out as a general sense of, “Whatever I do, it’s never enough.”

I helped clear this past life memory and negative energy in Sharon’s subconscious. The goal was to liberate Sharon’s Angel Soul to be open to positive energy, so that she can motivate others to be their better selves (something she is naturally gifted in doing). Whatever positive Sharon does, it has a ripple effect to others around her.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Understand that whatever other people do, good or bad, it’s their life lesson to experience and learn from, not your own. You are not responsible for others’ behaviour; you can only be responsible for your own. Trust and believe this: “I hope this person can learn their Life Lesson for the betterment of themselves. Is there some way that I can help them do so? And if I can’t, I let them be.”

What is CARE-frontation (VS. Confrontation)?

CARE-frontation is a beautiful approach to confronting another being in a caring way. Because life is full of duality, everyone you know has both positive and negative qualities. They are not all bad, nor all good.

The next time you’re frustrated or disappointed with someone, first choose to appreciate the good in them. Present 3-4 good traits from the past that you’ve noticed about this person in order to create a positive cushion of energy around the interaction. That person will feel seen, loved, understood, and appreciated.

When you cushion something “negative” with a bunch of positive points, that person is actually able to hear it; whereas if you attack them without this positive cushion, they are unable to hear and learn from that confrontation. Instead, they just feel attacked and uncomfortable instead of seen, heard, understood.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: CARE-frontation is a beautiful way to keep relationships happy and healthy while still being able to maneuver through struggles, frustrations, and challenges for both parties’ continual growth. Accept this belief for yourself and everyone around you: “I want to be just Me and enjoy being Me.. but a better Me. I cannot be anyone else anyway!”

Learn More About Spiritual Advisors & Energy Clearings

My private Spiritual Advisor sessions are priced at a higher tier ($300+) but this private community is an affordable way to still get a powerful energy boost and energy clearing EVERY week! Your first month in the Community is just $1; after that, you enjoy 4 sessions a month (every Sunday at 9 AM from the comfort of your own home). 

My Goals For My Clients & Members:

  1. Connect with you Spiritual Self

  2. Become more powerful by tuning into and strengthening their Intuition

  3. Shed negative subconscious memories from past lives that you are not aware of

  4. Liberate the current Persona you inhabit so that your Soul can learn and become your best self

I consider myself a very Spiritual being but at the same time, very much down to earth! Now I understand why Spirit has pushed me to lead this online Community and in the process sent me people into my life who encouraged me to do this so that I can bring good to others.

Consider joining the private community for weekly energy boosts and SRT clearing today.

Judit Ronai