Situational Meditation: What? Why? How?

I’m a big advocate of meditation! I’ve been meditating for a very long time. Meditation really helps to keep you in a higher vibration (above the neutral state of mind), be in the “flow” and receive information through positive energies. Different situations require different meditations.

MEDITATION #1: Relaxing Guided Meditation

When I want to recharge my batteries, I use a relaxing guided meditation (like with the Relax Lite mobile app). It takes 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes. Even when I snooze with it because I’m overly tired, that meditation is different because my consciousness is still listening to the meditation and it gives me at least 2-3 hours of an amazing, restful sleep.


Good for when your mind is overloaded and you can’t go to sleep because there’s just too many thoughts. Our brains are creating thoughts; you cannot stop that. But when you start to repeat in monotone a mantra as a gibberish word (moksha, so hum, etc.), it helps you to recharge your batteries, calm your mind and stop the chain of anxious thoughts.

Even when you start to run back to your cyclical thoughts, you simply realize it, accept it, and then go back to repeating your mantra. When you consciously make this choice, your brain is able to relax and you can go to sleep. For instance, when you repeat “so hum, so hum, so hum” it follows our body’s natural breathing pattern, and the monotone method is what lulls your brain into sleep.

MEDITATION #3: Manifestation / Visualization

When I want something to happen for me in the future, I use the manifestation / visualization technique. I see myself in the present moment (which could be pretty good, and that’s okay…) but when I want something more — more delicious, more vibrant, more successful, more money, whatever you choose — I visualize an amazing outcome!

I see myself in it, and I FEEL myself in it, how happy I would be, and that’s the most important part — to FEEL. When you do this meditation, all your senses will go va-va-voom! You see how many people are going to benefit when you have that future outcome (because when you are able to succeed or do well for yourself, then you gain the ability to help improve the lives of others too).

When you let Spirits and Angels deliver the fantastic outcome that THEY see best for you, you detach yourself from any one rigid outcome and decide, “I turn this over to you, Spirit, for perfect work — whatever you think is the best for me.”

MEDITATION #4: Open-Eye Meditation

When you have this emotion and this freedom, you can use this energy and knowledge with open-eye meditations. This meditation can be done when you are walking, standing in line to buy something, driving… you name it.

Simply recall that positive emotion from your visualization technique, which reinforces in your mind that thing which you truly want. This practice is similar to when you have a plant and you water it faithfully every day as you watch it steadily grow day by day.

MEDITATION #5: Channeling Meditation

With this one, I like to use essential oils or crystals for when I want to channel information from Spirit. I use these additional products as part of my routine because they hold a mental connection for me to snap into my routine and my brain to understand, “Okay, now we are about to do this meditation.”

When I have a question to ask the Universe (“What am I supposed to do next?”), I simply put the question out there and wait patiently for the answer to come to me. Sometimes the answer comes right away; other times, it comes down the road. But the intention to look for an answer? Spirits above understand this and will sooner or later deliver to you what you are seeking.

That’s how different situations can be enhanced with certain meditations. These keep you in charge, which is important. We are powerful beings, and your true intention is what will bring the best to you. Once you start to see the enormous benefits that these meditations bring you, you’ll quickly realize that yes, you cannot afford NOT to meditate! :)

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Judit Ronai