The Easiest Mantra Meditation For A Well-Rested Mind

I’m always eager to spread the word about the fantastic multitude of benefits you can receive from meditation. Meditation sounds like an intimidating, mystical word to many people, but I believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Actually, meditation helps connect us with our subconscious desires, encourages us to proceed productively and joyfully through our days, and improve ourselves in every role of our lives (parent, son/daughter, employee, business owner, friend).

In essence, meditation allows each of us to become more deeply and mindfully connected to the energy within us and all around us. Even better, the meditation techniques I use (that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks) are simple and intuitive to use!

So Hum: An Easy Mantra Meditation

You may have heard of mantras: a word/phrase or gibberish sound that is repeated to aid concentration in a meditative practice. Mantras help calm the mind and replace the crazy, non-stop thoughts we all experience when stress overwhelms us, instead shifting us to a mindset of rest. This is a valuable meditation technique to practice before bed, as I believe that sleep is incredibly important to a happy and productive life (and many of us tend to experience disordered sleep patterns in today’s world).

First off: everything starts with intention. Before we begin the So Hum technique, we declare to ourselves, “I want to have a good night’s sleep.” With our intention set, now we can create a nurturing environment for that intention — an essential oil like lavender, fresh clean sheets, or a warm mug of tea are all bedtime habits that can send the signal to your brain: “Oh, I see it’s time for sleep now.”

A note on the mantra itself: though it is a gibberish phrase, I personally prefer to use “So Hum” because the sounds pair well with our natural breathing rhythm. As you say “So Hum” you can easily envision the waves lapping at the shore in time with your breath, or perhaps the gentle swinging of a hammock or rocking chair. Whatever imagery you enjoy is your choice, but simply ensure your breathing remains even both when you inhale and exhale.

For a guided meditation on this stress release technique, watch my YouTube video on “So Hum” here and share it with your network so everyone can enjoy the feeling of boosted energy!

Why Is A Mantra Meditation Practice Beneficial For You?

We all have intrusive thoughts that we cannot stop. In fact, the harder you try to fight back against unwanted thoughts, the more you will think them — the exact opposite effect you want! Instead, it’s important to override these unwanted thoughts with another thought.

By repeating your mantra, it becomes your new thought; I like to think of it as a beautiful, ever-turning wheel in your mind cleansing all the negative, stressful thoughts. As you repeat your mantra, the negative thoughts drift off to the side and eventually fall away.

Though it might sound controversial at first… I don’t believe in hard work. I believe in doing your best work, which happens when your mind and body are fully recharged, but this cannot be forced and must happen naturally as we compassionately and routinely look after our mental and physical health.

From now on, I challenge you to shift your perspective on meditation: instead of it being a difficult, boring chore for you to check off your to-do list, think of meditation as a way to tune yourself into the very best, top-performing version of you.

Follow Along With The Guided Meditation Video

Don’t forget to watch my guided meditation video on this “So Hum” stress release technique. When you’re done, leave me a comment on YouTube letting me know how it worked for you, and please share it with your network so everyone can enjoy the feeling of boosted energy!

Judit Ronai