How I Changed My Life and Became a Spiritual Healer

As some of you may know, I was born in Hungary and used to work in the fashion industry there. It was a very superficial position and difficult to maintain — there’s always somebody younger, more beautiful — and after a while it became quite draining.

Then, my marriage broke apart and I moved to Canada in 1995. I was very low, miserable, and just really, truly unhappy.

Seeking Help and Finding Comfort in Meditation and Spirituality

Luckily I was already meditating at this point which was spiritually and mentally a big help (I had always been intrigued by, and felt a deep connection with the Spiritual world).

When I had my first session with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), I felt slightly better. I applied for and completed a basic SRT course and thought, “Hmm! Okay. This isn’t bad.”

I did the advanced course next. It was at this point that I thought, “Wow! This stuff REALLY works — this is awesome!” I realized this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. How could I practice as a consultant in Canada, in English? I had to find a way, because I truly wanted to help other people with this spiritual therapy.

Joining the Spiritual Response Association and Meeting the Founder

I soon joined the Spiritual Response Association and met the founder and creator of SRT, Robert Detzler (a wonderful spiritual teacher and human being). He passed away not too long ago, but I truly believe that spiritually he is always with me.

Once I became a certified consultant, I started to run my own business. Over time, I became very confident in using SRT. My connection with Spirit strengthened; I was hearing all that Spirit had to tell me, experiencing visions, powerful Intuition… I simply felt amazing. I wanted to teach this to others!

When I became a certified teacher, I ran my own studio where I taught classes. Clients came to me comfortably, and I was acting as a sort of Life Coach with all the experiences I had gone through up to this point combined with my powerful modalities.

Still, Something Was Missing…

There was still something of which I couldn’t quite let go. I discovered Life Between Lives (LBL), a hypnotherapy modality created by Michael Newton which takes us back to our Spiritual self so we may see who we truly are. 

LBL helped me truly understand my past and let go emotionally of a few difficult things that were holding me back. LBL paired well with the other modalities I was already teaching, so soon enough I added hypnotherapist to my credentials as well!

Now, everything that I do is to provide people through providing support, help and a genuine ability to change their personal and professional lives for the better. When you are clear, you are free, and your open heart opens doors.

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Judit Ronai