How To Accept Your Present Moment To Invite A Better Future

Stress is an inevitable part of our daily life. Unfortunately, external sources of stress are out of our control — but the good news is, how we react to and deal with this stress is absolutely within our control!

The 3 Main Points of Stress: Money, Health, Relationships

Stress can be boiled down into 3 main areas: HEALTH, MONEY, and RELATIONSHIPS. Stop and think about that for a moment — whether your stress is about getting your hours cut at work, or paying your bills on time, these stressors can all fall under the money category.

Having issues with your boss, your mother, or a friend? These all fit under the relationship category.

And if you’re burdened from your own illness, your parents’ old age, or your little nephew catching the flu, these burdens come under the health category.

I challenge you to think of a stressful issue you are dealing with now (or have had in the past) that does not fall under one of these three categories. I bet you will not be able to!

Align With The Present Moment To Invite A Better Future

Have you ever found yourself stressing over an issue and struggled to find a solution… yet when you took a break from thinking about it, the answer suddenly popped into your mind as clear as day? 

What about when you’re on vacation and nothing is stressing you… and suddenly you feel inspired and seem to come up with tons of great ideas for your business, your self-development, or how to improve your life once you get back home?

This is exactly what we replicate with my “Get Back To The Now” stress release technique I’m sharing with you today — aside from helping us feel better in the present moment, this technique also opens up the space for positivity and fresh perspectives to enter our lives.

How To Get Back To The Now: Engage Your Senses

Close your eyes and invite a moment into your mind that is currently stressing you. How does it make you feel? Are you doubtful that you will succeed? Do you feel scared that you might not make it through? Whatever it is, allow yourself to feel that stress; let it envelope you for a bit.

Next, take a deep breath and begin to pay attention to your senses in the present moment. Is there a pleasant smell wafting in from the kitchen, or fragrance from a candle? Do you hear the sound of a bird chirping outside your window, a fan spinning overhead in your room, or cars humming out in the street?

What about that taste in your mouth — can you still trace back the taste of your morning coffee, that muffin you just ate, or the freshness of your toothpaste? Engage with your sense of touch as well and become aware of your posture, how your back feels pressed against your seat, or how your soft sweater feels wrapped around your body keeping you warm.

Now, gently drift your mind back to the issue that is stressing you and visualize your best outcome. Are you hoping for a raise or promotion at work? Imagine how you would make use of that increased income, whether that’s purchases you would be able to enjoy, a lovely vacation you would take, or financially helping loved ones.

Do you want to lose weight and become healthier? Visualize how energizing you would feel walking, jogging, biking, running, swimming, playing with your children… whatever it is you would like to do as the new, healthier you.

Do you wish for an improved relationship with your partner? Visualize the two of you discussing arguments peacefully, coming to constructive solutions, and communicating with utmost love. You both are able to deeply understand each other’s point of view.

How amazing, rewarding and powerful your visualization must feel! Embrace that wonderful feeling! Take a deep breath, expanding your chest as you invite that positivity into your life and allow it to happen for your highest good. Let your breath out slowly, intentionally, and say thank you.

It’s so important to routinely complete this sequence and give your mind this type of self-care. Whatever is stressing us has negative energy. Being in the moment with all 5 of our senses is neutral energy. Inviting a positive outcome has positive energy! And as I always say, whichever energy we feed will be the one that grows.

Follow Along With The Guided Meditation Video

For a guided meditation on this stress release technique, watch my YouTube video on “Get Back To The Now” here and share it with your network so everyone can enjoy the feeling of boosted energy!

Judit Ronai