My UFO Story with Davidji After Meditation In Maya Tulum, Mexico


 If you haven’t heard of Davidji before — then that’s odd, because I mention him often as a significant part of my spiritual journey, and my road to becoming a Spiritual Advisor! Davidji is an internationally recognized stress management expert, critically acclaimed author and meditation teacher.

But even more importantly, he is an amazing and humble man who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting several times over the course of the years, as our lives have continued to cross paths.

Each of us is on our own spiritual journey to seek knowledge and find our meaning in life. For me, Davidji’s presence in my life remains an important memory in that journey.

When we first met about a decade ago, he and I were on the same page at the time. We were both seeking our purpose — what could we each do to make this planet a better place while we are here? How could we help people become a better soul, all the while learning, seeking, and connecting with one another?

We met at The Chopra Center in southern California near San Diego. Davidji was working alongside Dr. David Simon, a world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body medicine and an expert in Ayurvedic medicine, and Deepak Chopra, one of the most prominent advocates in the world today for alternative medicine.

The Chopra Center San Diego California

With his humorous New Yorker style, Davidji was the (as I like to call it) “English-to-English translator” of Chopra’s teachings in an effort for the everyday person to understand Chopra’s highly spiritual manner of speaking.

For many individuals who were stressed out and burnt out from the money-making stress of the rat race, and were now seeking something more meaningful in life, Davidji acted as a guide to making sense of where true meaning lies as we each inhabit a human body.

Davidji was also one of our meditation teachers during my time at The Chopra Center. I was already practicing meditation using Silva Mind Control; however the Ayurvedic teachings and mantra meditations I learned during my stay in California enabled my practice to elevate to an entirely new and fascinating level.

Like many people today, Davidji used to work an unfulfilling job that placed him under enormous everyday stress. His career in particular found him on Wall Street… unhappy, overweight, and a regular drinker and smoker. 

Davidji Sunrise Beach Meditation Dog

Davidji meditating on the beach with his rescue dog Peaches the Buddha Princess.

Experiencing severe energy fatigue and eventual burnout, he descended on southern California for a retreat at The Chopra Center… and actually ended up staying a while. He told me he found happiness and deeper meaning there that he believed was worth exploring.

Soon after, Davidji became a meditation teacher at The Chopra Center as well as very close friends with the Center’s Co-Founders Dr. David Simon and Deepak Chopra. 

Fun Fact: Davidji acquired his unique name at this time (so as not to get confused with David Simon)!

Anyway, I visited The Chopra Center several times since that first visit and would attend all the programs they had to offer. Because of this hunger for seeking more knowledge, I would end up crossing paths with Davidji often. Soon after Dr. David Simon passed away, Davidji started to run his own "Meditation Nest” which he affectionately referred to as “the Sweet Spot of the Universe.”

Indeed, I found it to be a place where you could dive in deep and make meditation a solid, personally meaningful habit for a higher quality of life. So when Davidji announced his retreat at the Maya Tulum Resort in Mexico… well naturally you must already know, I was in immediately!

Maya Tulum Resort Meditation Retreat Mexico

He and I were overjoyed to see one another again and share a spiritually life-changing week in Tulum with an amazing group of people (Davidji’s followers are simply on a different level, and we made friends with each other instantly). 

Davidji Meditation Nest Maya Tulum Mexico

One evening while I was sitting on the beach, Davidji joined me as we both caught sight of a strange activity of light dancing in the sky. This bright light would hover above the horizon, making sudden, quick movements as it darted up… sideways… down… then hover again.

That light had no logical pattern in movement! Plus, the speed and sudden stop-and-start movement was out-of-this-world strange. Fascinated, he and I both agreed that this strange light must be a UFO in the beautiful Mexican sky.

I truly loved that gorgeous spot in Carlsbad, CA where Davidji’s Meditation Nest sat — you could sit right by the ocean while indulging in sunrise meditations (one of these even included chocolate as part of the meditation in order to enhance the taste and overall senses).

Davidji Meditation Nest Sweet Spot of the Universe

It was at this point in time when I realized that I myself am the only one who could stand in my way of making meditation a powerful, transformational practice in my daily life. 

That Tulum retreat ranks right up there as my all-time favourite retreat in my entire life, and I chose to return twice more after that. That was the planted seed that grew me into the Spiritual Advisor I am today when I regularly tell my clients (and friends!) that each of us cannot afford not to meditate! Truly, I am a big advocate of meditation as a daily practice for a better life and future.

Thank you, Davidji, for being such a wonderful teacher and friend!

Judit Ronai