Break Your Negative Thought Patterns With The "4444" Technique

Today we discuss “4444” which is an open-eye meditation. You can do this when you’re driving, when you’re getting ready in your bathroom — even when you’re getting ready for an important meeting and perhaps feel like you’re going to fall asleep! So how does “4444” help us and why should we practice this meditation?

The brain needs oxygen as well as healthy fat (such as from an avocado). Unfortunately, most of us have the bad habit of consuming too much glucose (sugar) which feels good in the moment but makes us feel tired soon enough because our body struggles to deal with it.

Obviously, you cannot run out before a meeting and scarf down an avocado! So, boosting your brain with fresh oxygen is your best option. Actually, I like to think of oxygen as our body’s best drug.

The Stressful Challenge Of Living The City Life

One challenge of living in a city is that the stressful, fast-paced lifestyle leads to shallow breathing and therefore not enough oxygen. This constant lack of oxygen impairs your brain functions causing you to ALWAYS feel exhausted.

If you had a free, easy tool to fight this exhaustion, why not use it?

The “4444” meditation is a yoga breathing technique that places a sequence on your breathing. 

  1. Start by breathing out for 4 counts.

  2. Then, keep the lungs empty for another 4 counts.

  3. Breathe in for another 4 counts.

  4. To complete the sequence, you will hold your breath in for 4 more counts. 

These slow, intentional breaths will powerfully refresh your brain, calm your mind and body, and instantly make you feel wide awake! Plus, oxygen boosts not just your lungs but your prana as well (your life force that runs the length of your spine).

Again, you can use this stress release technique anytime, anywhere — honestly, do it as often as you can because oxygen is always needed! A great moment to take advantage of “4444” would be as you’re making your daily commute, whether that’s driving your car or taking public transportation. Use this time to change your energy with “4444” and get ready for the next part of your day. By doing so, you release any stress and negative energy out of your body.

How Many Times Should You Repeat the “4444” Sequence?

I would normally tell you to repeat the “4444” breathing technique a minimum of 5-6 times, but I personally tend to go by another standard — I stop when I start to smile and feel good!

Negative Thought Patterns To Break With The “4444” Technique

Use this technique whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts such as:

  • “I really don’t want to do that thing!”

  • “Ugh, I have to do this again…”

  • “Bleh, I don’t feel like cooking, doing laundry, etc.”

  • “I just don’t have the energy right now.”

And why use my personal measurement of stopping when I start to smile and feel good on the inside? This is quite simple and intuitive — it’s a surefire way of knowing that your body is filled with oxygen and your brain is now happy! 

Follow Along With The Guided Meditation Video

Would you like a guided meditation on this stress release technique? Watch my YouTube video on “4444” here and share it with your network so everyone can enjoy the feeling of boosted energy!

Judit Ronai