Self-Limiting Beliefs: Energy Healing Helps You Break Through

In this week’s comprehensive edition of the Free Live Spiritual Advisor Sessions I ran on Facebook during the month of May, my energy clearing session with the group dove into the group’s subconscious the two big killers standing in the way between you and your better future: ASSUMPTION and EXPECTATION. Combined together and reinforced over many years (and past lives), these two form the basis of what many of us come to experience as Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Watch the video and read the blog for Energy Healing Session #1: Overcoming Unhappiness.

Just as my previous live sessions, I used Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) techniques with a pendulum and chart system to clear any negative energy sitting in the subconscious memories of participants from Canada, the United States, Hungary, Singapore, and more across the globe. With my pendulum, I connect to Spirit in order to ask for information, helpful images and intuitive ideas. 

Your conscious mind uses logic, words and senses, but your subconscious is connected to a deeper intelligence. This is often where you receive ideas from, and how you receive a first impression from another person that you can’t always express in words. This is what’s commonly referred to as your “gut instinct” that something is wrong or a situation is dangerous.

Watch the video and read the blog for Energy Healing Session #2: Learning to Forgive Yourself.

I use SRT techniques to identify negative energy in the your subconscious coming from your past lives and memories. These create a block, or a negative pattern, in your subconscious. This is likely a frustrating feeling for you — you know something is not right and you want to do better, but your reactions to certain situations feel automatic and can get the best of us. This results in negative emotions like pain, anxiety, and powerlessness.

So how can a Spiritual Advisor or energy healer help? I scoop out and clear this negative energy — the energy blocks and negative patterns — before downloading positive energy to replace it. It’s truly amazing how instant the result is, and when you maintain a positive, higher vibration energy, it’s like sunshine! People are naturally more attracted to your presence, and enjoy spending time with you more. Actually, this is why most people love being around dogs — they are generally positive creatures and enjoyable to be around.

As your Spiritual Advisor, I help you understand why you are here on Earth and discover your Life Purpose — which includes making better choices, becoming less judgmental, and more accepting and loving of yourself and those around you.

When you maintain energy above the neutral state of mind, your life will feel generally good, easy, and relaxed, like the feeling you get on a vacation, or waking up slowly on the weekend with no strict plans in place. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

We would not be incarnated in this life if we didn’t have things to improve at in order to become a better version of our past self. In my Facebook Community, energy enhancement constantly happens for the group on a weekly basis. When you’re a part of the community, I help you get closer to a neutral state of mind. Abundance can come freely because you are vibrating at the right frequency to invite it in (receivership). You can think of this as AM/FM radio — when you are tuned into AM, then you are unable to receive FM stations.

When you are above the neutral state of mind, you also become less impulsive with your choices. You learn to ask your inner self what the best choice for you might be (and your Spirit Guides will help you as well). You no longer follow your ego which wants to keep you in the comfortable “Known” — instead, you start following your Intuition which is your creative self.

ASSUMPTION: The First Killer of Your Better Future

Miguel Ruiz’s classic book The Four Agreements made a huge impact on how I think about assumptions. Ruiz explains that we have a pattern of creating assumptions… but where do they come from? Not the right place, that’s for sure. Our assumptions come from our belief system, which has been cultivated and altered by other people’s beliefs, the culture we were raised in, and the society we are a part of.

When we make an assumption, we create a story around the facts, and this usually leaves us feeling hurt, offended or angry. A great example of this is when you are cut off in traffic, and start to think that everyone is out to get you, is trying to make you late, etc.

Let’s consider another example. Many people could all witness the same crime scene incident, but have different ideas about what actually took place. How? We all experience and process events differently because our belief system influences what we see and understand. This belief system is downloaded from our memories, past lives, and from other people. While it could have been created for our protection, mostly it is negative energy that does not serve our best self.

When you are always ready for the negative, you are subconsciously manifesting the negative. This is not the way anyone should want to live, so let’s practice becoming free from assumption today.

EXPECTATION: The Second Killer of Your Better Future

Put simply, having an expectation means to rigidly desire something in the future to happen in a very specific way. This mindset stems from the fear of the Unknown, and of course, it most likely sets you up for disappointment the majority of the time. 

Even more importantly, expectations are no good because they block the creative flow of what is actually best for you! When you are open to receiving whatever is best for you… that is true liberation.

ENERGY CLEARING #1: Personal Integrity

Note: The various energies mentioned in the following sections are pulled specifically from a FREE Live Spiritual Advisor Session I did on Facebook on Sunday, May 19th, 2019. However, the results and takeaway knowledge from these energy clearings will likely still be of great use to you as you navigate any challenges currently in your life.

In the live group session, I started the energy clearing session by clearing the clutter of negative energy from past lives, of whenever assumptions hurt us in the past.

I requested that the live participants pose a question for themselves the next time they are in a difficult situation, and I request that you pose this question for yourself too: “Is what I think really the facts? Is this really the truth in this situation? Or am I just adding my own assumptions to this situation, that don’t even make me feel good?”

This question escorts our ego out the front door! When you are looking for the truth (and strengthening your Intuition / Intuitive Self) it makes you feel good, whereas following the ego usually makes you feel anxious and unsettled. With this energy clearing, you can start to become free from the cultural, societal, and childhood learning experiences that cultivated assumptions in you that no longer protect you or make you happy.

When you’re in a difficult situation, your assumptions might jump out at you: “Is my personal integrity in danger here? Is it being jeopardized? Is this really true?” Nobody wakes up in the morning aiming to disrespect you and harm your personal integrity.

More importantly though… if you have personal integrity within yourself, NOBODY from the outside can jeopardize this feeling for you: “I am who I am, and I love who I am. I am a good person. I have integrity. I am an authentic person.”

Everyone can use a clearing on this assumption that you constantly have to step up for yourself, save yourself, and protect yourself from others. Honestly, it’s an exhausting state to live in, and it takes away the potential to have a gentler conversation: “Okay, what’s wrong here? Why do I react this way? What is that person’s motivation?” 

Stepping back and scanning the situation allows you to be less emotional and listen better, instead of putting up a wall out of fear that believes, “This person wants to hurt me.”

With assumption energy cleared in the live group, we were then able to check into the present moment better, listen better, regulate our emotions, and become more joyful.

When you think about it, it actually requires a lot of bravery to allow the best to come to us, doesn’t it? When you’re not sure what’s coming your way, you can easily gain a sense of distrust around that unknown situation.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: It takes a lot of work to detach yourself and become free from expectation. Honestly, it took me many years to refine this mindset, and sometimes I still experience the negative energy of expectation to this day. However, please remember: we don’t come into this physical body perfect! We come into it to experience and learn from our individual life lessons.

Energy Clearing #2: Terror

This is not simply fear, but beyond that: the gripping terror of the Unknown. This is truly a horrible feeling energy. I was glad to facilitate this energy clearing for the live group.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Readjust your mindset to believe that most things are pretty good. Some aspects of your life could be better, but they’re not the worst. In order to be free and open to receiving, gently remind yourself: “Whatever is the best for me is going to happen.”

Energy Clearing #3: Appeasement

Appeasement energy blocks what is the best for your Soul because you settle for something that is not what you truly desire. A classic example of appeasement energy is settling for a mediocre or even bad romantic relationship (because you’re afraid of being alone), instead of confidently saying: “No, I deserve better!”

Energy Clearing #4: Fear

We are all familiar with fear energy: “Am I going to be ready? Am I going to be good enough? What will happen if I fail?” Fearing a particular outcome, or fear the future in general is a useless energy — it does not help you move forward into your better life.

Energy Clearing #5: Self-Limitation

Ah, self-limitation. These negative beliefs can trouble us in all areas of our lives, including our career, our relationships, our financial situation… it all boils down to a lack of self-love.

Without self-love, we struggle to liberate ourself from expectations and assumptions, and we end up settling for something that is not the best for our Soul and our body.

With self-love, you actually end up with more money, because you’re not needlessly spending on impulse purchases to make yourself feel better about who you are (ex. clothes, cars, shoes).

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Some people give all their energy away and have none left for themselves, and feel depleted. Next time you are thinking of doing so, stop and ask yourself: “What can I do to raise my vibration to become a better version of myself, after which I can then give back to others?”

Energy Clearing #6: Looping

Looping energy is a trigger energy. This energy lurks around you and carries a lot of anxiety with it. When you are in a situation that could cause grief or anxiety (like being around someone who you don’t feel you can forgive), this looping energy instantly connects with that situational energy and makes you feel the anxiety intensely. This looping energy needs to be “cut” and disconnected from you so you can be free.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Forgiving someone else is not done for them. It’s done for you, to free yourself from expectations and prolonged grief or resentment. That is true liberation.

Special 1-on-1 Energy Clearing for Live Participant: Priscilla

Disclaimer: My 1-1 energy clearings are much more expensive when given as private Spiritual Advisor sessions. I know what this transformative experience is worth for my clients who are happy and willing to pay for it, but in order to share this spiritual and intuitive experience with more individuals online, I love giving a 10-15 minute FREE taste in my live group SRT sessions. My volunteer this time, Priscilla, was chosen by Spirit to learn about expectation energy in her subconscious, as well as learn a new, 4-energy sequence for moving forward with new opportunities in her life.

Spirit revealed to me that my live participant this week, Priscilla, needed a deeper energy clearing on expectation because she can subconsciously become too set on specific outcomes.

Interestingly enough, she did not have fear in her subconscious toward her best outcome… but at the same time, she was not completely positive toward it either. Tricky, isn’t it?

I performed a 1-on-1 energy clearing specifically for her, so that she could open up her absolute freedom for her best outcome. I cleared energy blocks that were resting on her Soul like a fog, and that her Soul was unaware of. Then, I opened up the following positive energies for Priscilla to download from the Heart of Spirit:

  1. Endurance

  2. Clear Lines (to show up exactly as she is, and not hiding parts of her out of fear)

  3. Sympathy

  4. Zeal

This is an interesting sequence for Priscilla. Essentially, Spirit is lovingly telling her to keep going toward what she desires (ENDURANCE), but to not hold back out of fear (CLEAR LINES). Spirit tells her to try new things and be open to different perspectives and ideas (SYMPATHY), and to do so with enthusiasm (ZEAL).

After having the negative energy of expectation cleared, and having downloaded these 4 positive energies, Spirit showed me that this is a new opening for Priscilla, and for her to be gentle with herself as she becomes open to this new sequence.

Spirit also told me something curious: Priscilla may be rigidly wanting a partner who is fit… but to be open to someone who may not be very fit yet, but has the desire and interest to become so. This person is skilled in other areas of their life, and they are now able to dedicate more time to fitness. So, Spirit nudged me to tell Priscilla to assess and re-adjust her expectations of this person, and to be open to who this person could be despite their fitness level.

After I complete 1-on-1 energy clearings, I ask the participant to follow a guided Intuition exercise. I asked Priscilla to ask the following question:

“What can I do to support myself in becoming more open toward something which was previously blocked by expectation?”

After Priscilla asked the question, I guided her in a short breathing exercise, and reminded her to let the answer come to her as an idea rather than stressing over what it might be word-for-word (by the way, the answer she intuitively received was to go out and try new group activities).

What Can’t The Judit Ronai Facebook Community Do For You?

I cannot change you. I cannot fix you. I cannot fix your life for you (ex. “Please make this person in my life go away!”). What I can do for you is:

  1. Help you collect enough energy to deal with difficult situation gracefully

  2. Understand the often hidden lessons in these situations that you can grow from

  3. Help you feel more powerful in order to deal with difficulties faster

  4. Help you feel more successful (by practicing small achievable goals to start off)

  5. All these things add up to cultivate a truly powerful everyday life.

Right now in the Facebook community, our current series is focusing on Money Manifestation and Abundance, and I’m planning for the next series to support you in cultivating stronger, fulfilling, positive relationships.

An important ongoing aspect of what I teach is for community members to strengthen their Intuition. Why? When you are stronger and more confident of your Self that is inside (instead of constantly caving in to what your ego wants), you become much more capable of creating and manifesting the ideal life you desire.

Live energy healing sessions for the Facebook community happen every Sunday at 9 AM — but don’t worry if you can’t make it! All replays are available with descriptive timestamps so you can easily skip to the parts you find most intriguing on a conscious level. However, I do recommend letting the videos play fully (even just in the background as you cook or clean!) to allow your subconscious to benefit from the energy clearings as much as possible.

I believe energy is one of the most important tools we have to keep us going in this life. We are meant to learn certain lessons on this Earth and become a better Soul in this incarnation. Everything I have learned with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) techniques and energy management has taken me years, but I’m so happy to be able to share it with you in a much shorter timespan of only weeks as I heal your energy, clear any negative energy, and teach you how to manage your energy. 

You are a Soul incarnated in this human experience, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness yourself continuously develop into a better version of yourself. At the end of the day, my wish for you is to simply… enjoy being YOU!

Judit Ronai