“I Want That!” Transform a Miserable Past Into a Promising Future

I’m a Spiritual Advisor today, but it definitely wasn’t always like that. When I started my spiritual journey, it was a drive to get rid of my misery, to be rid of a constant feeling of heaviness, disconnected, painful, hard… I was simply not happy at all. Actually, I was miserable.

I had a perfect life on paper,  but whatever I thought I should acquire in my life to make me happy — a car, a home, a successful modelling career — were never enough. I lost everything at that time. I kept searching, hoping, wondering, “There must be something behind all this” much like you are feeling right now by seeking me out here today.

I want to help you make your life easier by sharing the simple practices I’ve incorporated into my life that keep me happy, connected with my essence, and above a neutral state of mind. These days, I feel so connected to who I am and what I’m meant to do in this life. It took a while to get to this point, but now life just feels easy and lovable.

When I first started to attend spiritual retreats, read books on spirituality, and began to meditate, I got a “sneak peek” of what it would feel like to be naturally balanced and happy. But as you know, we can’t just live our everyday life away from reality on a nice retreat! We need to find a way to increase our sense of wellbeing and goodness during our daily life, not in spite of it!

During those retreats, I would see people having their lightbulb “a-ha!” moment on their spiritual journey, and I would think, “What about me?! I want that! How do I get that feeling?”

I’m not saying it’s easy. Most of us aren’t raised to be spiritually open and connected with Spirit like someone in a small tribe away from civilization might be. Instead, we live a “city life” of consumerism and constant messages from the outside world telling us we need to “buy this” and “look like that” to be happy. Of course, this mindset is not true, and leaves us feeling disconnected from our Soul and Spirit.

When It All Began To Fall In Place

The true essence to achieve what I wanted out of life was… self-love. Yes, I say it all the time now, but self-love is really the key. And if life has beaten you down, self-love can be the hardest thing to create.

All my life I’ve taken in messaging from society that I need to be beautiful, I need to be successful, I need to be slim, rich, funny, sweet, this, that, and the other thing. The expectation of all this on one person can be crushing — I know that it destroyed me.

I held expectations and made assumptions about my life, about myself, and about others. These assumptions just made me miserable because they were coming from the wrong mindset. I simply didn’t have enough energy!

When you don’t have enough energy for yourself, you definitely don’t have enough energy to give to anyone else.

The answer became clear: I had to change myself (from the inside) if I wanted my life to change.

Now I feel amazing in my daily life, but it has nothing to do with beauty or money (although money helps make life more comfortable, of course). My best practices for a joyful life are rooted in health, gratitude and self-love. With these, I can keep my energy high, and even have enough to go around to everyone else in my life.

Practice #1: Start Your Day Right!

When I wake up, the practice that helps me the most is setting my intention for the day. When setting your intention, ask yourself:

  • “What can I do today that will make my life better in some way?”

  • “How can I strengthen my connection to my Highest Self today?”

Even as a Spiritual Advisor, I don’t know all the answers to everything! But my Spirit Guides do, so as long as I set my intentions and make the requests above, the rest is shown to me from Spirit through intuition, bit by bit along the way.

Practice #2: Smile From The Heart!

No matter what happens in my life, I am smiling. Just the act of smiling alone warms my heart and strengthens my sense of self-love.

Practice #3: Gratitude As A Receivership

Incorporating gratitude as a receivership in my life was a life-changing practice I picked up from the brilliant Dr. Joe Dispenza. Before I even open my eyes in the morning, I’ve already started running through positive thoughts. I’m not checking my phone, I don’t care what may be going on out there — I hear nothing, I see nothing, and I am simply present in my body as I contemplate all the endless things in life I feel grateful for:

  • I woke up in a comfortable, warm bed.

  • I have shelter to call my own.

  • I feel safe; I am safe!

  • I know I have food in my fridge.

  • I have animals around me who love me.

  • I know I have people in my life who look forward to seeing me.

When you focus on these things, it feels absolutely amazing because it gives you a healthy sense of importance. You matter. You are worthy. You are enough! You have only just woken up, and yet you come to realize that you have infinite possibility all around you. That is truly powerful.

Think of it this way: if you are able to read this blog post, you are likely privileged enough to have a lifestyle only kings and queens could afford in the past. You have freedom. You have choices in life. You have an Internet connection, which means you can search for any information you could possibly want, learn about anything you desire, and even teach anything you know to thousands of people around the world who are interested in what you have to say — if that’s what you set your intention to do.

This is a beautiful and simple way to start your day, and it carries through to the next activities of your routine. For me, I’m still enjoying being present during my morning shower, meditation and breakfast. I am in the productive, joyful mindset of, “How can I serve my Life Purpose today?”

Practice #4: Meditate To Discover Your Potential

No matter which meditation I do (depending on how I feel that day), I use this practice to continually discover my full potential and gain intuitive insights.

When I have the luxury of time, I do a longer meditation from Dr. Joe Dispenza which allows me to place everything I envision for my life — all my questions and requests and desires — up higher into the universe, where there is infinitely more love. There, duality does not exist as it does here on Earth; only Higher Intelligence exists there, and wants to help us realize our potential and fulfil our Life Purpose.

I can tell you firsthand… this practice feels simply amazing. Why? Because infinite potential feels like liberation. Since practicing this meditation daily, things in my life and business that I want have started to happen for me, such as:

  • Better health

  • More money

  • Sold things I wished to make a profit from

  • Bought things I desired

  • More connections with new people who can meaningfully impact my life

These events are happening for me because they all connect back to my life purpose, which is ultimately connected to the love up there with Higher Intelligence.

Practice #5: Tap Into Your Intuition

Whenever I’m stumped about where to go next in my life, I use the beautiful practice of tapping into my intuition. Once you learn how to do this, it becomes a very easy, simple method of receiving answers that is always there for you.

When you operate from below a neutral state of mind (ex. from fear, ego, or worry), you are actually operating in a “survivor” mode that doesn’t have enough energy to live comfortably on.

Take a couple of deep breaths to get back in the moment. Remember whatever is amazing in your life. You and Spirit are one, and you have the ability to work as a team. When you know this, you can put your thoughts out there as a question, and simply allowing the answer to intuitively come to you. For me, I often receive visions, ideas, and phrases that make sense together, and help me decide what to do next.

Practice #6: Flip Negative Thoughts

Whenever I have a negative thought, I first recognize it for what it is (negativity), and then try to flip it into a positive perspective.

Next time you hear yourself thinking or saying anxious, fearful, hurtful things (ex. “Why is the delivery late? It’s never going to get here, they’re so slow!”), stop and think, “Okay well, that’s not very positive.” Then flip the thought on its head (ex. “Whenever the delivery gets here, it will serve my best interest”).

If you can master this practice (and believe me, if I can then you definitely can!), seeing the best in every situation becomes your superpower against negative energy.

Practice #7: Open-Eye Mantras When Short On Time

When I don’t have too much time in the morning, I opt instead for open-eye mantras. These can be done safely while driving, standing in line at the store, or wherever you’re in need of a quick energy boost.

Your open-eye mantras can be positive affirmations:

  • “I am enough.”

  • “I love myself.”

  • “I’m so grateful for ____.”

They can also be gibberish phrases:

  • “Sak jin ananda.”

  • “Vaa shi mah ya na.”

Either way, these open-eye mantras feel amazing because they slow the “racing wheel” in your mind and calm you down. By repeating these mantras, your mind becomes clear, and your vibration is boosted higher. Simple, right? :)

Practice #8: Ask Your Body What It Needs

I often like to ask my body, “What do you need from me today?” It could be any number of things, like stretching, yoga, swimming, or lifting weights. When my body feels sluggish, I do some jumping jacks to stimulate my lymph system. And it’s not just exercise! This approach works for food and nutrition too, using the “Finger Test.”

For a visual demonstration of the Finger Test to provide your body with adequate nutrition, watch this video at around the 11-minute mark!

When I work with my body to create a healthy life, I am in tune. I am in harmony. And I am learning every day how to become better by listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos, reading books, and attending events.

Everything I’ve learned over 40 years, I am blessed now to be able to share it in just a few minutes with you through this blog, or through my YouTube channel. You can choose to use all of it, some of it, are none of it — the beauty is that it’s up to you! 

Set your best intentions in the morning. Meditate to discover your ultimate potential, and bring gratitude into everything you do. Your intuition will always be there to help you fulfill your Life Purpose, and help you ask your mind, body and Soul: “What do you need from me today?”

Judit Ronai