Build a Strong Foundation of Self-Love: Healing Your Energy is Key

What is life about and how can we make the most of it? You may not realize this, but you are a very powerful being. When we have aligned energy, it creates receivership, a creative energy that makes things happen for us.

Your health, your financial resources, and the strength of your relationships all boil down to receivership, how much you love yourself, and how much you believe that you deserve the best for your Soul.

When we learn and gain knowledge on how to raise our energy, all of a sudden abundance is able to flow into our lives for our finances, our health, and our relationships.

Everything in our subconscious is downloaded from past lives, so when we attach negative energy from an event, it creates blocks and harmful beliefs. However, this energy can be cleared and replaced with Spiritual Response Therapy.

I’m trained to do energy clearings with Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), as well as Reiki, Spiritual Restructuring (SpR), Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy. All these modalities together are proven time and time again to change energy with each of my clients and my energy healing Facebook Community(I actually have a promotion running right now for membership that’s just $29/month for 4 weekly LIVE sessions).

Energy Clearing #1: Intolerance

Note: The various energies mentioned in the following sections are pulled specifically from a FREE Live Spiritual Advisor Session I did on Facebook on Sunday, May 26th, 2019. However, the results and takeaway knowledge from these energy clearings will likely still be of great use to you as you navigate any challenges currently in your life.

When we are annoyed by someone, our intolerance toward our own or other people’s behaviours are increased. This takes away our self-love… and what is self-love, anyway? Self-love means to feel good, manage and maintain your energy well, and see yourself as a generally good being. 

Energy Clearing #2: Betrayal

This trigger energy comes into play when someone (whether in this present incarnation or a past life) did not fulfill our expectations, let us down, or lied to us. Personally, I don’t believe anyone can do anything bad to us that will truly affect us until we start to believe it and focus on it. When we focus on a perceived harm, it can start to feel true or at least blown out of proportion.

Detach from and release that belief. Ask yourself: “Did this person intentionally decide to betray me? Or is there something in their motivation that I don’t see, something else in their side of the situation that maybe I haven’t considered?”

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Release this betrayal block! Your self-love allows you to feel free from other people’s actions. When you can become detached from life’s outcomes, your health, finances, and relationships will all inevitably improve.

Energy Clearing #3: Doubts

These doubts can be about any variety of things, but usually boils down to two things: the future, and your personal power and ability to create the ideal future you envision.

When you become consciously aware of feelings of doubt creeping into your life decisions, I urge you to follow your intuition, or as most of society likes to call it, “going with your gut feeling.” Your first idea is usually the best idea for you because that is your intuition speaking to you.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: The next time you think, “I’d love to try this or do that!” and immediately second thoughts kick in to make you feel hesitant, doubtful, and not good enough… please don’t let this trigger energy stop you from following up further into that first idea. When you do so, you are choosing not to strengthen your intuition (one your most powerful life tools)! Spirit wants all that is best for you, so it does you a disservice to ignore your Soul Insights.

Energy Clearing #4: Injustice

This trigger energy of feeling something is unfair to us or not how we want it to be can feel tough to shake off, but it’s very necessary for your personal happiness and sense of freedom. With my energy clearings, we clear your subconscious memories of perceived beliefs of injustice, and replace with the concept that “It is what it is. Life is duality, not perfect.”

When you witness an injustice happening, don’t instantly take it negatively. Think: “What did I learn? How did this learning experience make me better or improve my mindset? How does this experience help all of us involved learn to become better Souls?”

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Everything in your life is meant for your — whether it’s a good thing to enjoy, or a learning experience to grow from and become a better Soul. It will either make you happier… or will make you better. In private and online group energy healing sessions, I help this spiritual process progress more smoothly and quickly for you! As your Spiritual Advisor, I facilitate between you and Spirit in order to help you understand what’s happening to you and for you, and guide you through it all with kindness.

Energy Clearing #5: Toxic Shame

We cannot change our past — whether that means something we did or something someone else did to us. Does it serve our best interest to feel shame about it? Though the answer might feel difficult… the answer is no. Please release yourself from this unnecessary burden! With my energy clearing, I facilitate the release of this negative trigger energy in order to help your Soul flourish.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Once you understand that every situation in your life is meant to teach you something, then you also realize that everyone else is going through learning experiences for their Soul’s betterment as well! When you can accept your own imperfections, you become less judgmental toward yourself, which in turn allows you to become less judgmental of everyone around you. Use this positive affirmation: “Forgiveness for myself and for those around me comes naturally to me.”

Special 1-1 Energy Clearing for Live Participant: Patty, for Helplessness

Disclaimer: My 1-1 energy clearings are much more expensive when given as private Spiritual Advisor sessions. I know what this transformative experience is worth for my clients who are happy and willing to pay for it, but in order to share this spiritual and intuitive experience with more individuals online, I love giving a 10-15 minute FREE taste in my live group SRT sessions. My volunteer this time, Patty, was chosen by Spirit to learn about helplessness energy in her subconscious. Once we scoop out and clear this harmful energy, I facilitate Spirit’s energy healing for Patty by downloading positive energies including self-preservation and love of self.

Just like with any of my 1-1 sessions, I begin by asking permission from Patty’s Soul and Higher Self to go into her subconscious memory and Akashic record. Once I’m granted permission, I begin facilitating the clearing of any negative energy that’s ready to go.

Many curious people might think that your Spiritual Advisor is doing all the energy healing work for you with a modality like Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). The truth is, I’m not able to go into anyone’s subconscious memory unless their Soul gives me permission to do so. Once you Soul says yes, you and I (along with Spirit) can begin our work together to clear any negative energy and past lives’ memories weighing you down from reaching your highest potential.

I simply have the spiritual gift of facilitating this transformational process, and I am so thankful to do so for each of my clients! Spirit does the work within the person’s Soul — this is why I am able to facilitate an energy clearing with clients and viewers all over the world, no matter if they are located in Canada, America, Singapore, Hungary and beyond.

Special Energy Clearing #1: Helplessness

In Patty’s past life, her Soul registered a negative attachment to a situation when it was actually a learning experience. The problem with attaching to negative energy is that you are unable to learn from the experience and you do not create receivership for positive energy to enter your life and come into effect.

Instead, your Soul can get stuck in a cycle of self-pity where every situation is “against me” instead of “for me.”

A programming for learned helplessness was created in Patty’s past life. Patty was a servant of God (Mother Superior); she worked in a temple environment and was a leader of the other spiritual servants.

Living a religiously strict life demands a lot of sacrifice and hardship that I don’t personally believe is natural. I don’t think it’s healthy in the long run to judge yourself so harshly all the time and always believe you will never be good enough. Though I’m not a religious person, I’m (clearly!) very spiritual. I find joy in my spirituality because it comes naturally to me.

When we work in a religious institution, we are trusting in someone else to protect us and keep us safe. We give up our personal power — so when something doesn’t work out in our favour, it’s easy to out of control and helpless in this dynamic (sometimes even betrayed).

This belief system can leave you angry and bitter, your health never flourishes as optimally as it could, your self-love is not as strong as it could be. Don’t let an outside power take away from your own personal power!

The belief “I need to constantly work very hard” requires a lot of energy. What happens next? You feel powerless and helpless because you don’t possess that constant level of high drive and energy. Instead of following this destructive spiral, create small achievable goals to invite small meaningful change that leads you toward bigger success.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: It’s impossible to work hard all the time and achieve huge goals all the time! Release your Soul from this unrealistic expectation and clear the old, false belief system that you need to depend on someone else to help you. 


Whatever you do for your body, your self-preservation energy accepts it, is happy to welcome it and be generous about it. This positive energy download makes your body feel like a joyful place to be!

Clear any negative energy that’s been put into your belief system. Use the following positive affirmation: “I can make small, adjustable, joyful changes using my creativity. I love myself exactly how I am. I continue to evolve into my Highest Self.”


Nurture this feeling: “I’m a good being. I do so much good. If I feel like it, I can do a bit more… but I will not do anything that doesn’t serve my Higher Self.” Please note that this is not intended in a selfish way — actually, it’s more about asking yourself, “Do I really need this car, or these clothes, or that house to do good, be good, and feel good?

Remember, hard work in itself does not make you happy. Genuine success (whatever that looks like in your ideal life) will make you happy, and this love of self energy download helps you toward that future.

Special 1-1 Energy Clearing for Live Participant: Lucy, for Appeasement

Spirit showed me that Lucy would benefit from nurturing some self-love energy, so I asked permission from her Soul to open up Lucy’s energy for receiving. Interestingly, Spirit revealed to me that Lucy’s self-love energy was 50% positive and 0% negative! This means that she does knows how to love herself, but is not quite reaching her optimal high self-love energy.

Appeasement energy was present for Lucy, and it may be present for you too if you find yourself constantly giving up your Soul’s needs for others’ expectations. You always rate yourself as a second-class citizen because you subconsciously believe everyone else is better and more important than you. When this negative energy kicks in, it’s an attack on your self-love.

With Spiritual Advisor sessions using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) techniques, the growth process of removing these negative energies is sped up, allowing you to speed forward much more smoothly toward your desired life.

In a typical Spiritual Advisor session with this situation, I would likely ask Spirit questions on your behalf like:

  • When did your Soul register this belief that you were not important?

  • How many of your past lives need to be visited today? Sometimes the energy has accumulated over more than one past life; this builds up into a larger energy block

  • In these past lives, did anyone get hurt physically? Emotionally?

In Lucy’s past life, she was an auntie of a wife at the top of her family hierarchy. This wife’s needs were considered most important above everyone else, while Lucy was an addition to the family bloodline and not a role maker in the family. As a result, Lucy became used to the belief that her needs and opinions were insignificant, and her Soul registered that her self-importance has no power or place.

Lucy’s positive energy became blocked as a result. “I shouldn’t do this… I can’t do that… I don’t deserve to feel good and be happy” all became strong, rigid beliefs in Lucy’s subconscious memory. I performed an energy clearing for Lucy to free her Soul of appeasement energy and any trigger energies associated with it.

Life Lesson & Takeaway: Self-love is NOT selfishness — not even close! Properly functioning self-love keeps you in a place to receive positive energy for your health, financial situation, and relationships. Like a pebble in a lake, your healthy self-love will ripple out and positively affect everyone else around you. You can acknowledge that your energy is weak in certain areas, but do not consider this a terrible thing — rather just something that you are working on mindfully and with gratitude.

I have been passionate about being an energy healer and Spiritual Advisor for over a decade now, and I love it more with each passing year. Why? With energy healing, I don’t remove anything in your Soul, subconscious memory and Akashic record that’s not ready to go… but when it is ready to go? Trust me, the healing is instant!

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Judit Ronai