"I Want That!" My 3 Advanced Secrets For A Happier, Peaceful Life

This is Part 2 of my “I Want That!” series which shares best practices to help you let go of superficial messaging from society (you need to be richer, slimmer, more successful, etc) and discover genuine, unshakeable happiness from within.

If you haven’t already, check out “I Want That!” Part 1 right here.

Are you all caught up? Awesome! In that case, let’s dive deeper into this feeling of unshakeable joy, that you might spot instantly in another person and think… “I want that!

When you are in the early stages of trying to find your balance in life, and maintaining positive energy above a neutral state of mind, it’s inevitable that someone or something will enter our lives to challenge us. When this happens, is your first reaction to think, “Ugh, that jerk!”?


Everyone is meant to be on this planet Earth. They are learning whatever it is they must learn in this incarnation through their own life experiences. If I pass judgment or a negative response towards someone else… it means there is something inside me that needs to change.

And that’s the hardest part, isn’t it? It’s much harder to take responsibility for something ourselves, when we could just blame others for when something is not ideal. When I learned this, I began to incorporate breathing and gratitude exercises, as well as a positive attitude into everything I did. It became my nature.

1. Learn Spiritual Modalities, Like SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)

I began to learn Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) along with other techniques like Life Between Lives (LBL) hypnotherapy, Reiki, and meditation — all beautiful modalities that I do and teach now. These helped me find the root of my issues in my past lives, scoop out the negative energy and learned what happened to me to make me who I am today.

I learned that who I am today is not all simply my fault — there were things that happened in my past that I was unaware of, but now I have the power to change all that (to the level of my Akashic record)! My subconscious memory can be cleared through SRT, and I was able to gain deeper understanding about myself.

2. Discovering Compassion For Myself

Ahh, compassion: my second biggest secret to developing my “I Want That!” dream lifestyle. I became compassionate toward myself and became patient with my own behaviour. How many of us are patient and understanding with someone in our family, or friends or workplace, and yet showing this patience toward our own selves is a foreign concept?

I became proactive in my compassion for myself, always asking “What can I do to make myself a better person?” With this mindset (along with the SRT clearing technique) I was able to reprogram my subconscious from the harmful, limiting beliefs from my past. I also practiced strengthening my intuition so I could step into those past memories and understand them from a balanced perspective, and a more neutral state of mind (I do this type of energy healing work for my private clients and Facebook community as well).

All this helped me to lighten up. My conscious mind was finally able to understand why I was who I was, and start to accept and love this person, so I literally felt lighter in my physical body!  This was a profound level of liberation for me, and for all my clients who experience it.

Nowadays, after 10+ years of energy clearing, I like to do a “maintenance” session once a month, or whenever a specific issue arises in life that needs to be given special attention. These energy clearings coupled with a positive attitude made my vibration more receptive towards my better life and my Highest Self.

It is that receptiveness that created the connection, after which positive things started to flow into my life consistently. Before that, I was going through the motions of much of my spiritual practice — my intentions were good, but my vibration wasn’t cushioned well enough (with receivership).

I changed myself. And guess what? I keep changing myself! I’m always learning, always growing, always adjusting, and even making mistakes. Well hello, I’m still a human after all! As long as I am here on planet Earth, there is always more to learn.

3. Detach Myself From Any Specific Outcome

When I meditate for my full potential, I see a vision of my Highest Self. This is my essence full of pure love and light. When I can lift myself above the Earth’s duality into this higher place full of love, I am able to truly grasp who I’m meant to be and what I’m supposed to do (my Life Purpose). It’s real! It’s mine! And I cannot be anybody else but me.

Nowadays, when I meet someone who talks or behaves in a way I don’t like, I can accept that I need to step back and let it be. If this person didn’t ask for support in their growth, and I know I’m unable to support their growth, I must stay away and let it be. Is it hard sometimes? Sure, because this is all too often a person we love, isn’t it?

But to liberate myself from needing to “fix” the situation to “force” a certain outcome? This gives me peace of mind. I truly trust my Spirit Guides, angels and the universe to help us whenever we ask for it. 

Practicing the skill of detachment in my spiritual journey was a huge revelation for me. I trust the universe that all will happen as it should. I simply ask that it happens with ease, grace, joy and positive experience. Mindfulness in this way fills my life with vitality, longevity, and a happy heart. 

So, What’s Next In This Life Journey?

My spiritual and life journey at this point is all about: learning more, doing better, and overriding my own shortcomings. Simply be, do and trust, while remaining grateful and joyful for what I already have. All this makes life very, very easy — and that’s what I wish for you as well.

Listen, some people believe in religion and prayer. If that’s you, perfect, not a problem. Some people believe in running and listening to music to find their answers. If that’s you, hallelujah, I’m happy for you!

But if you’re looking for a faster way to get to your goal (AKA your Highest Self), there is help out there that comes in all kinds of forms: Spiritual Advisors, Gurus, or whoever you most resonate with. As a Spiritual Advisor, my Life Purpose is to serve the clients who resonate with my work.

No matter who you choose to help you on your spiritual journey, I hope you go for it! Grow, learn, and be happy, because you know what is the absolute truth? You are worthy. You have value. You deserve love, and you deserve happiness. We are all enough.

Judit Ronai