How Do I Stop Worrying About Everything?

As an Intuitive Spiritual Advisor, I’ve been giving Soul Insights for my clients for a long time now. At the same time, I help change their energy so they can function better in their lives. One thing comes up time and time again for almost everyone — and that is WORRY.

The Negative Effects Of Worry

When I feel worry, my breath is shorter. My mind is occupied: “Oh no, what is going to happen?!” I cannot live in the moment and function well. I’m snippy with my friends (or even with strangers!). I can’t sleep. I feel powerless, and that’s one of the worst feelings. Worry doesn’t feel good, yet I know people who literally worry all the time. This means their body is continuously in Survival Mode, and that’s not healthy.

How To Use Worry To Your Advantage

Since I believe everything happens for a reason, I asked Spirit, “What can worry do for us?” The answer that I got was interesting. Spirit said, if you feed worry, it’s a waste of time. But worry is a feeling that helps you in the same way as happiness, joy or love. Experiencing joy signals to you that everything is fine. Similarly, worry signals to you that something requires attention. Perhaps it’s something from your past where you didn’t do something right, or something in the future that could happen and needs energy.

What’s the best way to handle worrying thoughts?

Spirit says it all starts with you. You manage your own energy. You can consciously put your attention back in the present moment. Breathe — consciously, evenly. You can also meditate which calms your mind and helps you generate new ideas. Additionally, you can ask for help — from your Angels, from your Spiritual Advisor. With SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), we can change your energy.

Worry comes up because something similar may have occurred in your past life. By attaching to this negative energy in your subconscious in the present day, it acts as a block. When this happens, we need to relieve that event; to create a better energy around the event so we can grow from there. With SRT, we can identify negative energy and replace it with positive energy. This is great, hallelujah!

You can also use Visualization — a great tool to “see” the future event with a positive outcome. This is like your dreams come true; you see your most desired outcome, you see yourself in it, you feel it. All your positive emotion projects energy into your subconscious. This works because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or imagined, what’s happened yesterday, today or tomorrow. It takes that energy for what you desire and your subconscious creates it as though it were a present moment.

Let’s Try An Example: Worrying About An Exam

Of course you make sure at first that you study well, so you have the knowledge stored in your mind when the time for the exam comes. Before the exam, you manage your energy to make sure you are calm, so when you are sitting in the exam you’re able to recall all that knowledge that’s already stored in your brain. With visualization, you project the positive outcome like it’s already happening — you see yourself receiving praise. You aced your exam! You feel wonderful emotion: “I did it!”

With all these techniques, worry helps you do your best. The positive outcome can even be overdelivered because you project the energy. Wherever you project your energy, that’s the kind of energy that grows. If you worry, then your worry will grow. Your body will be sick. Your relationships and your life become miserable. But when you envision yourself having positive outcomes, that’s exactly what will grow for you.

So is worry a waste of time? In a sense, yes, but you can consider it a great tool to project your attention to doing your best, invite your best outcome(s), and at the end of the day… ENJOY being YOU. :-)

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Judit Ronai