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My friend, are these negative thought patterns familiar?

“I’ll never have wealth because rich people are selfish and greedy.”

“I’ll never let anyone see me weak and vulnerable.”

“I’ll never be good enough.”

“Why am I such a failure?”

“I feel like such a loser.”

“I’m just unloveable.”


Why can’t I break away from these damaging beliefs?

Your subconscious memory and Akashic record contain negative memories from past lives when you experienced some form of trauma. When this happens, we attach a negative emotional memory, promise or even a vow to this trauma, like the suppressed thoughts and emotions you just witnessed above.

Judit, I’m so tired… I can’t deal with this burden anymore.

I know from my own personal experience just how painful it is to carry so many heavy, negative energies around with you for months (or years) on end. If you’re anything like I once was… you can often feel stuck in certain areas of your life, right? Stuck in the past. Stuck in misery. Stuck feeling bitter, resentful, and out of control when it comes to your relationships, career, health and finances.

I want you to know you are not a bad person. You are not ‘defective.’ And you are certainly not alone in this battle.

With a Community Membership, our weekly group sessions allow you to identify these damaging energies by harnessing the most powerful tool you were born with… but over time and societal conditioning, forgot how to use.

That beautiful, life-transforming skill is your intuition. ❤️

As your Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer, I use Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) to clear the root cause of your deep-seated, negative beliefs. I help you feel lighter, hopeful, and more positive. Instantly. Yes, that’s what SRT clearings can do. And this is exactly the personal growth, energy clearing and spiritual healing that we are experiencing in our safe and supportive online community.

You desire the balanced, abundant life that you deserve! But if you could do it alone, you would have by now.

You can unravel your blocks that have held you back until now. Understand what happened to you in your past. Clear all the negative energies that keep you feeling stuck. Reach your goal to be happy and loved deeply. Wake up every day with gratitude overflowing from deep within your Soul.

Once you learn how to make mindful choices, your future will shine bright. You can have all of this and more! Now that is what we call a life of abundance.

Your Spirit Guides have patiently led you here for a reason: to align with your Highest Self. Now… are you in?


Community Members Benefit:


Invest in your future by learning to love who you are today.

Learn to use your intuition, find your courage, and most importantly… enjoy being you. You’re never alone — you can take this very first step in your journey with us.


Basic Membership

  • Private Access to the Judit Ronai Facebook Community

  • 4 LIVE Weekly Group Sessions (approx. 1 hour each)

  • Easy-to-use replays & timestamps of ALL past sessions

  • Guided gratitude, visualization, & breathing exercises

  • 1-1 Mini-Clearing (15 mins): One winner per week

  • Maintain the health of your spirit, mind and body

  • Your first month trial period is just $1!

Premium Membership Plant

Premium Membership

All the benefits of the Basic Membership, plus:

  • Full (60 min) 1-1 energy clearings that focus specifically on you

  • Recurs every 4 weeks, making it easy to book private Intuitive Life Coaching into your calendar

  • One streamlined, monthly auto-payment that covers both private & group sessions 

  • Have your Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer by your side at all times!

  • Please Note: Premium private sessions cannot be rescheduled, but they can be gifted to anyone else who may benefit from Intuitive Life Coaching


What Happens After I Pay?

  • You will need a Facebook account to participate. If you don’t have one, create one under a “fantasy” name so you can join us and receive all the benefits from our regular healing sessions!

  • If you pay through your PayPal account: You will be automatically redirected back to a payment confirmation page on my website.

  • If you purchase directly with your credit card: Please make sure you click the Return to Merchant button to be redirected to the payment confirmation page on my website.

  • Please submit your email associated with your Facebook account into the form on the payment confirmation page to receive your welcome email.

  • Click the membership link in your welcome email to visit the private group page on Facebook.

  • Click the “Request to Join” button so I can accept you into the Facebook Group.


Why a group energy boost, Judit?

Picture This: You attend a group meditation class and it’s a profound experience... but when you try to replicate it at home, it's missing a special spark.

When you join my Facebook Community, you are welcomed into a group of supportive, and vibrant individuals. This community approach multiplies the positive healing energy from Spiritual Response Therapy that would be much harder to experience as powerfully on your own!


Spiritual development — at an affordable price.

Membership is $49 USD/month. You get reliable, affordable access to an Intuitive Life Coach & Energy Healer’s heightened intuition in the comfort of your own home. Plus, I do a 1-1 “mini-clearing” for a community member (chosen by Spirit) to give you a delicious taste of the benefits of private sessions.

Currently, membership is just $29 USD/month, a 40% off discount for as long as you’re a member. And to help you experience why this membership is right for you, your first month is only $1.


Topics designed to nurture your personal growth.

Each week, I focus my sessions on a specific topic. Spirit Beings guide me as I intuitively channel information that guides you in understanding why an event happens in your life, the lesson(s) to learn, and action(s) to take moving forward. Ongoing peer support and my easy-to-use teachings strengthen your intuition, meditation and visualization. Watch as your energy noticeably enhances in a more positive direction for your week ahead!

Topics include but are not limited to: money, self-love, fears, career, anxiety, relationships. Overcome self-limiting beliefs… and start enjoy being you!

Community Members Love Spiritual Response Therapy:

Brad L Profile.png

Brad L.  •  Scottsdale, AZ

Judit is truly gifted as an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer. I trust and respect her work above all other. The weekly Spiritual Response Therapy group sessions leave me light and very clear. Major positive shifts continue to unfold.

Sophia Ellis Profile.png

Sophia E.  •  Toronto, ON

l really love and look forward to each Sunday morning Spiritual Response Therapy group session. I feel much more peaceful, supported in my daily life, and cleared of any negative energy around me or in my environment.