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Angela L.  •  Toronto, ON

For 2 years I was confused, disillusioned, and anxious; traditional methods were ineffective for me. A few group sessions, and I’m astonished by how powerful and quick the healing results are. I’m back on track working toward my goals and spiritual growth.

Sophia Ellis Profile.png

Sophia E.  •  Toronto, ON

l really love and look forward to each Sunday morning group session. I feel much more peaceful, supported in my daily life, and cleared of any negative energy around me or in my environment. 

Brad L Profile.png

Brad L.  •  Scottsdale, AZ

Judit is truly gifted and I trust and respect her work above all other. The weekly group sessions leave me light and very clear. Major positive shifts continue to unfold.


Patti D.  •  Toronto, ON

Thank you for giving me back to me. I am reattached to the source, and what a wonderful feeling this is. WOW!


Maca S.  •  Chile

Judit guided me through deep philosophical questions and brought light to my understanding of why I was always so afraid.


Tara K.  •  Vancouver, BC

Judit has mastered the art of transforming “blindness” to “sight” to cultivate action, confidence, creativity, and tapping into the inner energy and essence for personal motivation.


Michael M.  •  San Diego, CA

I went from feeling lost, hurt and trapped to free, exhilarated and hopeful. The depth and clarity of Judit’s gift is one that we are very blessed to be able to experience.


Aanya F.  •  Scarborough, Tobago

I kept asking for a mentor in a sense and you came along — I appreciate your openness, willingness to share anything of yourself and your expansive knowledge and experience.


Savio O.  •  Vancouver, BC

After a few sessions [with Judit], everything started to improve: health, mindset and work. The results are amazing — she is really connected!


Margot K.  •  Toronto, ON

I was going through a rough patch in my life. After sessions with Judit, I bid on the biggest project I had ever done... and got it! No one will leave Judit’s presence without having felt better for having met her!


Brad L.  •  Scottsdale, AZ

Judit’s clearing freed me from a lifetime pattern of addiction. I have quite literally moved from a space of being a day or two away from homelessness, into a space of being free enough to find my greatness!


Irene W.  •  Malaysia

From the very moment I met Judit I was mesmerized by her energy. Instantly I felt all the positive changes from working with her and knew that all is done for highest good for me.


Jacqueline D.  •  Toronto, ON

I requested that Judit assist my father, who was terminal with cancer, in letting go so he was no longer suffering (he was afraid of death). She helped him let go of his fears and cross over to his new journey.


Sutha R.  •  Scarborough, ON

Thank you for your loving attention and expertise in guiding my brother through the necessary steps when he was going through a hard time. He is doing much better after his clearing. Many blessings!

Lucy L.png

Lucy L.  •  Markham, ON

I am always grateful for [Judit’s] connectedness with Spirit and being honest to say what needs to be said and not be afraid.